Oregon Coast

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Sister Rocks

When I left Lassen Volcanic National Park I headed west. I'm not exactly sure what highway that I took to Eureka and the coast. It may have been State Highway 44 but I'm just not sure. That's kind of how I am.

It was fairly late in the day by the time I hit Highway 101 and turned north. I bypassed Redwoods and Sequoia parks, I needed to make central Oregon by noon the next day.

I was just into Oregon when I needed to stretch at the very least. I pulled into an unmarked driveway and found Sister Rocks. I always said I'd rather be lucky than good.

Sunset was coming soon, I took a little look around and decided I was going to stay the night right there. The 'no overnight camping' sign didn't deter me or the guy with the fifth wheel trailer on the other end of the nondescript parking lot.

Just an unbelievably scenic place, no matter where I looked. It's coastal Oregon so the vegetation was thick and verdant. Truly beautiful setting.

The Pacific Trail runs right through that little parking lot. The trail is incredibly easy walking in spite of the really thick brush on either side. It leads right down to the beach, a real gem.

I took the trail down to the beach but the tide was IN so there just wasn't much beach. I really wanted to photograph the sunset over the Sisters so I headed right back up. Maybe a half mile each way and very pleasant walking.

The plants along the trail were thick and lush. It was near the Solstice so they were about as plush as you will ever find.

This was pretty near the 'golden hour' but we'll come back to Sister Rocks for the sunset. I'll leave you this time with one last shot of the bay. Thanks for staying til the end. I appreciate it.

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Beautiful shots! I really want to get a chance to explore the Pacific coast some more one day. My only interaction with it was very brief because I was there for work. I didn't get to see anything near as awesome as this.

Much of the Northern coast is like this. Somewhere north of Monterey it gets to be some little towns with miles of beautiful coastline. The beaches north of Eureka, CA had lots of surfers as the tide was coming in. Just beautiful and not crowded in most spots. Like this. I've been up and down the Oregon Coast at least a dozen times and this place was new to me.

Sounds perfect!

Beautiful coastline

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Thanks man. I really did enjoy my limited time there. I need to go back with more time and less schedule! :)

Most definitely a park and overnight stay, a place of extreme beauty to enjoy the night. Look forward to seeing the sisters under golden hour lighting, so will watch out for the next post!

Woke up early next morning I hope to walk that path back to the sea to enjoy low tide I hope Tom. Also identify some of those amazing flowers.

@tipu curate

Ahhhhh. I have no idea what those flowers are. Coastal vegetation is just a mystery to me. I'll have a look to see what I can come up with.

I ended not going back to the beach. I had to be in Newport, OR for lunch. That is precisely the reason I don't often have a schedule when I travel :)

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Thank you my friend!

What a nice spot! That coastline reminds me a little of a place here called The Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Different but similar, you know? Sister rocks and the sunset sounds promising...Looking forward to it.

It is promising :) I really wanted sunrise and I was in a little bay that wasn't oriented north/south and sunrise was a dud. But sunset....

This is US highway 1 or 101, right along the coast from San Diego, CA to La Push, WA. It is glorious.

Both are good, sun rise and sets...But yep, sometimes the fizzle out...Or one isn't fast enough on the camera to get the right shot.

We have a Hwy One too, goes right around the country on the coast, sort of. I've driven a lot of it and have been rewarded as have you.

A couple of things conspired to rob me of the sunrise, all were operator error :) I thought I was looking straight west when I was actually looking north west. A huge hill behind me that completely blocked sunrise. It just got light... At least it was a beautiful setting to begin with...

I'm aware of your Highway One. I'd love to ride it. Canada also has a Highway One but it runs East-West. I have ridden some of that, and have a friend that holds the current unofficial time record for the whole thing :)

Haha! I shouldn't laugh really, because I've done stuff like that too, but life is there to be laughed at. I'm sure you'll have plenty of anecdotal stories like that. You'll need one for the WE tomorrow. 🙂

I'd love a road trip in the States...So much to see.

It was outrageously funny. I stood there thinking that the Pacific Ocean was straight west. I figured out where the sun would set and rise and it looked perfect to me. I should have realized when the sun didn't quite set in the right place but I was tired. And I don't mean sort of... I was in a relatively small bay that just wasn't oriented North South.

Lol...Well stuff like that has happened to me, and to everyone else as well I'm sure! something to laugh about I guess.

Oh man, what a beautiful world we live in! Sister rocks look stunning @bigtom13, that was a wonderful trip indeed, thanks for sharing with us!

You know? It's just about as much fun for me to share places as it is to find them. I just love both.

Thanks Lizelle. Always great to have you stop by!

Beautiful post!! Excellent 💚

Thank you. It was a really beautiful spot. One of thousands on coast.

I would like to be there walking on that path, smelling the flowers, the sea, feeling the sun on my skin.

I loved your pictures.

For us in Venezuela it is a Utopia to travel...

It was truly spectacular. There was almost no breeze so the smells were delicious. A heavenly spot.


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Hi @bigtom13,just dropping by. Ooh this is part of the Pacific Crest Trail Hike? Wow! Oregon is part of my dream to-visit list. Beautiful!

No, the Pacific Crest Trail is a mountain trail that runs from Mexico to Canada along the crest of the coastal mountains. It crossed the road in Lassen National Park (where I was just prior) a couple of times. This is just called the Pacific Trail and I don't know much about it. This part was certainly beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ok, I see, thank you for this info. Interesting to know.

Wow what a stunning coastline, can't complain much when you get to enjoy views like that

Certainly no complaints from me :) I was just truly lovely.

Beautiful place looks very nice.

It was truly lovely, and just a place. Not developed at all.

Wow! That was some luck! Gorgeous photos.

It really was some luck. I just pulled in :) I had stopped at one other place but decided it was too exposed to the Highway for me to want to stay. This place was perfect!

Absolutely gorgeous place Tom. I would have overlooked that sign to if I were in your shoes.
Great post ,

If anybody would have asked I would have told them I wasn't camping I was waiting for sunrise :) It might have worked.

Thanks Sult. It was just astoundingly beautiful.

Glad that you weren't robbed. But I'm envious of you!
Loved that second photo with all of its layered structures. Gives me the idea of distance and vastness of the area.

Also that pathway, very shire-ish :D

Such a beautiful area, Love the Sister rocks and looking forward to seeing them at sunset

Sunset was just glorious, I was really wanting to see the rocks back lit at sunrise. I really missed on my directional heading, and there was a really large hill right where the sun came up. There was no sunrise, it just got light :)

Still beautiful but not what I was hoping for :)

That’s the thing with sunrises and sunsets you never know what you will see makes the special ones all the more special

Thanks Joan. I forgot to do this myself :)