It's good you've had a good one, many here have also. Pensioners got more money for free and their MO wasn't too inhibited. Unemployed got double payments so them too.

2020 has been bad for me for other reasons though, not just pandemic situations. I don't need to go into it here as you already know.

Good that you have been good though, no guilt required.

Yeah, I get that the pandemic wasn't your major concern this year, too.

But hey! I am +8 siblings for the year. Not many people can say that :)

And the best part? It's all new enough that I haven't had to look at any of the normal family warts that we all have to deal with...

Yeah I think that would be a world record for mosts siblings gained in a single year. They should put you in the Guinuess Book of World Records!

Oh, Shit. I just thought of a downside. I'm going to have to send Christmas Cards for the first time in YEARS.

Right that's it, siblings cancelled! 🤣

Ahahahahaha. I wonder what the return policy is? Do I have a year or is it 90 days?

30 days...Covid changed everything. 🤣

Oh crap. I wonder how the Black Friday deals will be on Christmas Cards?

Cross out Christmas and write in birthday. Problem solved.