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I am pretty sure this isn't the first time that I have written about Tahquamenon Falls in one of my posts. More than likely it will not be the last either. As a Michigander (someone who lives in Michigan), who occasionally travels to the Upper Peninsula, it isn't uncommon to visit the falls multiple times throughout your life.

We left the campground around 10 in the morning and started making our way towards the falls from Brimley State Park. The drive is very beautiful, it takes you along the coast of Whitefish Bay until you eventually find yourself at US 123. The last time my wife and I made this drive along the coast it was a misty/foggy morning and the views were pretty lame. This time it was a bright sunny day and the views of the bay were stunning.


When you turn North on US 123 you eventually pass over the spot where the Tahquamenon river empties into Whitefish Bay/Lake Superior. A short distance after that you reach the small town of Paradise, MI. This summer has been a busy one in Michigan and Paradise was a good indication of that. It was practically overflowing with people! It seems everyone was tired of being cooped up all Spring and they have been spending as much time traveling in the state as possible.

If you continue North up the coast you eventually reach Whitefish Point (that will be another post). If you turn West and stay on US 123 it eventually takes you to Tahquamenon Falls State Park.


There are two sections of Tahquamenon Falls State park. The Southern most one is the Upper Falls which you see here and in the opening shot. I always get them mixed up because my top-down mind always thinks the Northern one should be the Upper Falls and the Southern one the Lower Falls, but that isn't the case.

There are several lookout areas where you can get a decent view of the falls from a distance.


Then there is the 92 step descent to the viewing platform where you can get up close and personal with the falls. I thought about doing a black and white edit for this picture, but the color of the falls is so amazing. It is hard to tell here, but the water is a deep copper color. It is mostly from the tannin and such that leaches out of the cedar swamps that feed the river.

There is a hiking trail from the Upper Falls to the Lower Falls. One day I would like to try to do it as it takes you right along the edge of the Tahquamenon River. I have a feeling the more I put it off the less likely I will be to ever do it. I think it is only four miles or so, and I am sure I could make it one way, but unless you have someone to pick you up, then you have to walk all the way back...


Maybe one day I will brave the bears and take the hike along the river and down the canyon.

While some may not consider the Lower Falls as impressive as the Upper ones, there is definitely much more to do. Due to Covid the Brewery at the Upper Falls was closed, so we hopped back in our cars and headed towards the Lower Falls.

When we got to the park entrance the line was out onto the road. We patiently waited and were pleasantly surprised that we could find a parking spot.


The Lower Falls is separated into two sections. There is a small island in the middle of the river that separates the two parts. This photo is from the western section. They have a walking trail that takes you pretty far upstream to get a good view of the falls. Additionally, you can rent a rowboat and take it over to the small island.


I have a feeling many people make the Lower Falls a whole day trip. Unlike the Upper Falls, the drops are much less severe and navigating the water is definitely more manageable. There are several "pools" where people swim and wade into the water. In fact, there are usually so many people frolicking in the falls that it is often hard to get a decent picture of the falls with no people in it!


Here is some evidence of how accessible the water is just below one of the sections of the falls. If I had to guess there are probably between fifty and one hundred different rock sculptures that people have stacked out in the river.

By now the kids needed a break from walking and we were all getting a little hungry, so we headed back up to Paradise to get some lunch before we headed off on our next adventure. More on that in my next post!

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Hey! I've been there. Just the lower falls, but...

It's great scenery and life style. I like the Whitefish Bay area..

I have the opposite problem with directions on a river. To me, it's always upstream and downstream and the compass doesn't have a thing to do with it. Looking back later (like when I edit photographs) I often have a problem with direction...

I'm just loving the whole deal from the UP. What a great place to visit in my memories and your photographs.

I remember when I was talking to my dad one time about how it seems much easier heading South on our way home pulling the trailer than it does going North. He laughed and said it is because you are going downhill. :) It is funny how even the best of us can have our sense of direction jumbled up some times.

Thank you!

Healthy water flowing through the falls, a lovely space to visit not so sure about the number of visitors prefering quiet spots.

Thanks for sharing this leg of your journey, places to see we will never reach @bozz have a pleasant rest of the holiday out and about.


Thank you! My parents are actually up in this area right now and I have a feeling even though school has started back up it is still packed!

At least the beautiful copper coloured water is clean flowing, unlike lovely rivers we swam in as children, are now filthy, I would not stick my big toe in it!

WOw such a beautiful area I love those falls

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you! It is pretty awesome in the fall, there is some drone footage out there that is simply stunning.

WOW Love that drone footage, I have been tempted on and off to get a drone, but always thought i would never use it enough to justify it but seeing such a fantastic video has me tempted again LOL

Yeah, whoever shot this did a fantastic job. I have a couple small drones, but there are so many restrictions these days that make it prohibitive. I am not even sure how they got this footage because flying a drone in state park is illegal last I checked.

Thats part of why I haven't got one so many restrictions and no fly zones, but all I will say is I never say never well except i just said it twice lOL

ohhh it is rlly awesome in my contry we have something similar, but this, change with the stations and thats just amazing

Thank you!

I don't think we have many big waterfalls in the UK. There may not be any as big as these, then then our rivers are not so big and a lot have been altered to make them navigable or to drive water mills. Scotland and Wales have the mountains where you get more wild water.

I do enjoy exploring wild places and enjoying the pure beauty of nature. We need to value it more as it is easily lost.

For sure! We are lucky that we have about 100 waterfalls in the UP alone. There is one natural falls in the Lower Peninsula. This one is by far the biggest of them.

Wow, what a beauty in nature. The color of the water is amazing. Next year, if everything turns out ok with covid in the world. We want to visit the USA again, hope to see some cool nature as well :) Great post @bozz !!

That would be awesome. I hope it works out for you! What area you looking at? Florida again?

It’s so beautiful up there! I’m missing the upper peninsula now.

You know, right about now I am too! School started yesterday and I have been running around like nuts!

I can imagine it’s such a strange time for students and teachers.

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