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RE: Such special little flowers!

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They are Ivy Geraniums! They come in all sorts of colors now. You see them hanging from the balconies in Europe and they winter nicely. I have some that are years old and I snip them back a little and they take off in the spring!

I hope this helps a little!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am happy to know what these are, both for my own curiosity as well as possibly getting a planter of them some day! You are such a treasure to have on-chain! 💖

Oh, it is my pleasure! I got some on clearance a few weeks ago, because they really are something they sell in the spring. However, mine is in a terra cotta window boxes on my porch and they are doing amazing!

I only ever buy IVY GERANIUMS! I never buy regular ones anymore.

Thank YOU so much for the Hive!!!! xox