The difference between the two generations

Hi friend, good morning everyone and my love. How are you all I hope everyone is well, healthy. I was a little sick. I'm fine now. So today I will talk to you. Archie of my thoughts. I think I will share with you what I hope you will like.

The one you see in the picture is my older brother's son. I went to visit their house in the morning. So then he came running to me. And Aunty told me to wear this lungi, I really want to wear lungi. I asked her who this lungi is. He said it was his grandfather's lungi. I taught him lungi with great difficulty. Because the man is very small but the lungi is very big. Talking about his grandfather's lungi. Then I thought about how much he wants to grow up.
Those of us who grew up think that if we could go back to childhood, how much better it would be. I don't know if anyone remembers, but I especially think if I could get back to my childhood. Then I would start my life anew. I would go back to my childhood. I would have no worries, no problems, I would be completely free.And look at these kids, they want to grow from small to big. They don't understand how sweet childhood is, how good it is .
See the difference between the two of us. He's a little kid, he wants to be big like us. And we have grown up, we want to be small like him. If we could go back to our childhood, we would be able to play those childhood games again. Playing marbles, playing with pots, playing with dolls, how many more games do we have? If I could play them again. But they want to go to big schools and colleges like us, they want to get big jobs. If they are asked, what will you do when you grow up? They say that I will be a policeman, an army, a doctor. And if we are asked now what do you want? Then we will say that we want to go back to our childhood.

Thank you for reading my post for so long. And special thanks to Hive, for making such a platform for housewives like us. Thanks everyone.

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He is very cute. I love how children want to dress up like adults!

Thanks for your compliment.