PowerHouseCreatives Contest | Xin Chao.. I need my old life back

Thanks to @zord189 & #powerhousecreatives for this week's interesting contest of Photo Prompts. To find out more, check it HERE.

For this week, it's all about our creativity when we look at either of these photos. For me, I've selected one which is very close to my neighbourhood. Instead of sharing a story or write up, I decided to give it a bit of poetry twist; quite out of my comfort zone.


Xin Chao Em Oi...
That's the Vietnamese language of saying Good Day;
A greeting I wish to all my customers each time I push my cart down the streets
From Hai Ba Trung towards Ly Tu Tong and then towards Nguyen Hue
My cart will always be full, from top to bottom, left to right
Slowly and carefully, I will maneuver my small cart on the side of the main road
Where all vehicles drive pass me with haste especially the motorcyclist
They avoid me as they turn left and right
Never once did I worry that I will get hit
After all drivers in Vietnam are the best; very rare we have accidents
They can drive through a busy street without the help of any traffic lights

Those days seemed so long ago
Since the social distancing policy and closure of all restaurants & entertainment centers
There's hardly anyone on the streets anymore
Not even on a weekend afternoon
I no longer have orders for containers from my customers
No deliveries to be made, not even to the smaller street side stalls
I long for the good old days when business was good
Calls after calls for deliveries
Now, the phone is just lying down next to me
Staring at thin air, at me...

3 more days to go before the lock down is over
Or will it be extended, who knows
If it continues, it's for the best, we all know
Yet, I don't think I will survive another day without any delivery
Staring at the stack of notes in front of me
It seems to be getting lesser and lesser as the days goes by
It doesn't help because my husband doesn't work and the kids need food on the table

I hope to one day again say my favourite words
Xin Chao Em Oi...
Each time I do, I know it's money in the cash register box
What I would do the get back those good old days

This is based upon a true situation of how Vietnam is now. Though we're only at 257 confirmed cases, the Government's policy is like we've got thousand's of confirmed cases. Nevertheless, if such strict drastic measures are not taken, we might not be able to contain the situation. Yet, it is taking a huge toll on the citizens. We can only pray that all this ends soon and what seemed to be a normal life can return soon.

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I was in this city many years ago, and I flew out of, (and back into), Tan Son Nhat on my way to Bangkok for a week-long "vacation." I see it looks like a really big modern city now with skyscrapers too, when I looked at some google photos. There were no skyscrapers at the time when I was there. I think the tallest building I saw then was probably about ten floors max. Great story!

Ooo.. now, the tallest building is Landmark 81 with 81 storeys ..
There's more skyscrapers coming up...
The roads are just congested before the entire Covid-19