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Hey @abitcoinskeptic, just want to say thank you very much for writing this post. I am in a kinda nightmare situation and this info has been invaluable to generating hope for a recovery of my main account, @barge.

You mention in the post that you are here to help. If I have any questions or doubts about the process may I approach you?

In gratitude


I hope you are able to recover your account. You need to check who the recovery account is set to (I hope it is not Steem/Steemit) and you must have access to a password that was used within the last 30 days.

Thanks for getting back!

The current situation is:

  • I changed my recovery account from Steem to an alt of mine (@nutraj) just 9 minutes before I changed the passwords (which I then lost). This was the start of the issue.
  • I was able to generate my old (last used 1 Oct) Owner keys using the old Master I had. I verified that the public owner key I got matched the one on my account as per the instructions in your post. I am therefore confident I have the required keys to initiate account recovery
  • I changed my recovery account at 2020-10-01 14:29:36 (UTC)
  • I changed my keys at 2020-10-01 14:38:57 (UTC)

I believe I'm covered. I have access to the recovery account and need to make sure I don't miss this tiny window of opportunity. I also need to ensure I have a backup PC ready as well as a hotspot from a mobile, in case of some freak circumstance affecting computer or network.

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this and my chances.

Many thanks again.

That is a tight schedule. It's a shame you lost your new password just after changing the recovery account, But a good thing you control all accounts.

I suggest you have your keys labelled ready in a note pad or something to just copy and paste.

You are lucky it's a couple weeks after the hardfork and the network should be stable.

I know huh, quite James Bondesque in a way!

I count my good fortunes. It could've been much worse if I had not thought to change the recovery account before changing passwords - doubt if Steem would be moved to recover Hive accounts. I'd be a gonner!

A stable network would be great. The nodes were playing up the day I lost my keys, as detailed in my post about it, but full and ultimate responsibility is mine.

I'll defo have the keys to had to copy and paste.

Thanks again, I'll be sure to update you after the 31st, when I can let go of this at last.

Hi again @abitcoinskeptic, I wonder if you're able to advise me a little more please:

I'm trying to perform an account recovery on HiveWorld as a practice run for my 9-min window. I have successfully requested the recovery and I see the 'incoming recovery request'. I enter the new and old owner keys as required but I then come across an error: "RPCError: missing required other authority:Missing Authority".

This is what I'm doing: using @nutraj to recover @callysnapper

  • Hiveworld > nutraj > request account recovery > enter new (randomly generated) pub owner key > sign tx as nutraj with keychain
  • Hiveworld > callysnapper > Account recovery > Incoming recovery request > [enter keys as reqd] > RPCERROR

I've done this over and over again with different keys for recovery and tried it in different browsers (brave, ff, chrome). I also tried changing the nodes in Hiveworld. Each time ditto.

Logically, I know the recovery process works..right? I mean, accs must have been recovered in the past and the process tested! Therefore either

  1. I am doing something wrong and/or am missing something
  2. or there is an issue with the network/nodes/HF24-kinda thing

I have been trying this for the past few hours and will now leave it until the next day.

Do you have any thoughts or advice or suggestions?

Many thanks


Ive never tried Hive World before, I used Steem world, but I imagine it is similar.

To send request you need to enter old private owner key, after pw changed, and new public owner key.

As recoverer, please make sure you enterting the same new public owner key and the same old public owner key of the recoveree account.

After go back tonthe recoelvered account and enter new private owner key.

I'll take a look at Hive World if that doesn't work.

Many thanks again for getting back to me, it is much appreciated.

I tried Hiveworld and I also tried Both continued to return RPC errors, just at different stages of the process.

However, thanks to @deathwing, I've now got another way in which has worked for recovering the above-mentioned test accounts and which should therefore work on the day of my 9-min window. This involved installing Python and broadcasting the transaction myself. Deathwing walked me through the process and we tested it together - it works! I'm utterly delighted and a bit nervous too. I'll breathe again normally after the 31st.

I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you so very much for your help with this 🙏

I wish you luck. Python is definitely the best solution, but definitely want to set up and test that first.