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Unvaxxed & Horny!? 😜

Are you conscious, aware,refusing the experimental gen-therapy shot and
tired of thinking....well the first thing i gotta do when i meet somebody
new now, is to ask if they got the Covid19 shot.
So unsexy, that question, right!?

Here's help:

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Have Fun, Connect & Enjoy Your Life 😉

3000 People already signed up (most of them from German speaking countries; now they are going international!)

30.000 soon?

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LOL, terific!

Any idea who's behind the project? Seems like a great way for them to get dissidents/un-jabbed to put themselves on a list...

Yes, it's affiliates from the German Corona Committee , one of the world leading resistance/lawyer groups against this plandemic...ever heard of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich?!😏
You got a point, but i'm 90% sure they are what they say...
Did you check the full page & links & ideas, before you start spreading mistrust?
It is also important to "show up" & represent, and still "keep your eyes open".

I'm not "spreading" anything, I simply asked how much due diligence you did before promoting this brand new [potentially wildly dangerous] platform.

Even if the people running it are on the up-and-up, if they aren't using good enough security (encryption, private servers not AWS, etc.) then this could easily get a LOT of people rounded up by their local cartels, or even attacked by rabid pro-jabbers.

This sort of thing is already used as a weapon against gay & trans people. Folks like the Westboro Baptists will make fake dating accounts to lure them somewhere, so they can assault them, rob them, etc.