There is a great diagram of the different keys on steemit wallet. The difference between master and owner took me awhile to fully get.

Please be so kind to allow me the pleasure of cross-posting to the FAQ community. I was actually planning on looking for stuff to crosspost there (I will limit 1 of mine a week [no covert-self upvote] and 1 a day of others'). I just want to wait till the community grows a little so more people are around to see.

Yes I remember seeing that in steemitwallet. It was like a pyramid diagram right? Haven't used steemit for a long time!

Are you asking me to cross post this to your FAQ community? Still getting my head around all that. Didn't know it actually copied the whole blog post and made a new one! Just thought it was like a resteem and shared it in like with FB groups.

Won't be making that mistake again lol.

Yup. That's it. I checked out steem wallet to get my quoted text on keys!

Im asking if I can use the @steem.faq account I made to cross-post. I don't expect you to fill up your blog with self-cross-posts. It's a weird feature and an annoying way to get a post on a niche community. Not sure why we can't just revamp the resteem to allow this...

Yea resteeming would make more sense for sure rather than this!

I'd say so but probably not for a month or so. Reckon there shouldn't be cross-posting on a live post which is something I discovered when doing my travel post a couple of days ago.