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RE: Four going on forever

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Great post, babies are amazing. My oldest is 4 in 6weeks and is running this house.

We also had a Covid baby (not with Covid, just was born this spring) and is growing fast.

Casey Neistat had a great video recently about how raising little ones is easy, it’s being a parent to a 20yo that’s hard.

I spend all the time I can being around my babies and giving them my full attention. I want them to always know I’m there for them.


Congrats on the baby! And, was it weird to have a Covid baby - were there differences at the hospital?

it’s being a parent to a 20yo that’s hard.

Silently hard. Though, I hope I raise something a little more responsible than a millennial ;D Just think, a 20 year old not too long ago was married with children of their own, working in some kind of career.

I think the best thing a parent can do for their child, is listen.

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