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Let's talk about material goods

When I was eighteen, my family faced enormous problems. In court proceedings, we lost the house that we inherited from my great-grandfather fifteen years ago because of some inaccuracies.

New windows, terrace, doors, heat isolation... There was always something more important than just enjoying life

It was a big shock to me as it was a place where I grew up. I had so many fantastic memories related to that house and I sincerely loved spending my time there. My emotions, however, were nothing comparing to what my parents felt. For years they were denying themselves many pleasures and often were giving up holidays or any other entertainment activities in order to invest all their money in improving the quality of the home... And now they lost it.

Their despair was great, and for the first time in my life, I saw my parents cry, which in my teenage heart caused a great deal of anger towards those who made them feel that way.

My parents divorced shortly afterward. I'm not saying that the loss of their home was the most important factor that motivated them to make that decision, but it was certainly one of many. Additionally, my mother needed the help of a psychologist to deal with these problems, and so did I at a later time.

A lot of memories related to the old house. Luckily memories remains with us for the rest of our lives

This event significantly shaped me, left an imprint on my psyche, and changed my way of thinking: if it is so easy to lose material goods at the most surprising moment, it is not worth being particularly attached to them.

Losing money can be painful, but losing precious moments in life is just as sad and horrible. We often find that we have spent a great deal of time earning cash rather than enjoying life. That is why it is so important that money should be always the tool to allow us to follow our dreams, not the dream per se.

We should also keep in mind that some of us are born starting from a more privileged position - we have access to education, often help from the family to start our adult life, we do not have chronic diseases and we do not lack food. Being in a privileged position, in my opinion, we have a duty to share the obtained goods with those who have not been lucky in life so much. By doing it, we can also have a hope that in case we someday will lose everything because of some unexpected event, there will be people around who will help us to survive the most challenging days.
That is why I appreciate platforms like this one, that are based on solidarity and helping others to gain earnings.

When we started the journey, our new home was a tent

Ever since losing my home, I have valued experiences above material goods. Less than ten years later, we sold everything we owned and with my husband, we started a trip around the world. We were hoping to learn, explore, experience new things, but also were looking for a place where we could feel safe. Poland, as a very conservative and homophobic place, couldn't offer us a normal and happy life.

In fact, we never managed to go around the world because we fell in love with South America so much that we stayed there for five years, only changing the country from time to time. All the experiences, knowledge, and beautiful memories we've made during the trip will never be taken from me. It's something more permanent than new TV or laptop.

Money are important, to travel as well, but having the money shouldn't be the only life aim we want to achieve

We found peace, love, happiness and we learn new things every day. We live much poorer than in Poland, our economical situation was ten if not twenty times better in our previous homeland (Poland may be a poor European country but compared to South American standards it's still rich as hell), but as the effect of not prioritizing money, I feel much better here, where I am right now than there, where I used to live.

Currently, we collect the money, we try to earn in every possible way for a house and farm, but the dream of owning something we connect with helping others. In our house, there will be a place for new immigrants who will be given a roof over their heads to ensure a more peaceful start in their new homeland. In that way, we do not save money just for the material things, we save it for the experience, which can be shared with others. I wrote about it here.


In my opinion, it's important to remember that money can bring happiness, but if we are not able to find happiness without money, even being a millionaire will not make us happy. We earn and get richer thanks to our work, but let's spend the earned money for the benefit of the community and let's not forget to help others on their way to success.

And you? What do you think about material goods?

All the photos included in the post belong to me.
Thank you for reading,


I agree with everything you say. "Being in a privileged position, we have a duty to share the obtained goods with those who have not been lucky in life so much" is a very powerful phrase (also very difficult to apply). Peter Singer defends a similar position with very convincing arguments. Where in Latin America are you? Greetings!

True, it's difficult to apply, although not impossible. I didn't hear about Peter Singer before although after short search I know I want to read more. Thanks for that - I have the opportunity to learn something new.
I'm in Argentina, Rosario.

The story of the boy drowning in the pond is perhaps the best known. One day you are walking by a pond and you see a boy drowning. You have two options: save him and ruin your new clothes or let him die. Obviously everyone chooses to save the child. However, few are those who choose to donate the money that cost those clothes to save a child who is at risk of dying in another part of the world. Singer arrives at a concept of effective altruism, as a good utilitarian, in which one should reduce suffering and extreme poverty as effectively as possible. He is also known for his writings on animal liberation. Ah, I am in San Pedro, province of Buenos Aires.

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