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Beauty, Beauty, Beauty

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Beauty, Beauty, Beauty

I’ll apply this oil with ease
Upon my icy décolletage
Leaving not a balm, not a drop
To soothe your aching feet

Work, Work, Work

Sear under a blaring sun
Toil from daybreak
Until your untimely death
Until you come undone

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Beneath a silvered umbrella
I remain a chilled argent
I’ll not unearth my humanity
It lies sealed in the permafrost
Of what would have been my heart

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Please, Please, Please

Show me not your weathered hands
But I’ll take what they’ve created

You see, my not-so-comely friend
Wealth is beauty; wealth is power
Vanity is me

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Beauty, Beauty, Beauty is a character poetry piece featuring a wicked queen. She does not speak for me, just in case that needed clarification.

The Queen asks through the use of dramatic irony what it means to be beautiful. She is wealthy and from the outside, nice to look at, but is she attractive or repulsive ... despite her show of riches and surface allure?

She lacks a generous spirit, and her many blessings are transformed into a hideous affliction that enslaves and imprisons her and others within her growing cruelty. Without generosity, her appearance becomes a point of competition and her riches a tool of oppression. She lives in constant fear of losing both.

With Snow White and the thriving nature she affects where ever she goes, we see that those who give find their beauty reflected by and growing in all those they give too, be they bird, dwarf, or handsome prince.

Only one being remains aloof from her nurturing spirit: the Wicked Queen, and it results in her demise. Halloween gives us an opportunity to indulge our dramatic and ironic sides. To play the villain ... for fun. Make it a habit and see your beauty and youth transformed, twisted, and decayed.

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Words and Images are my own.

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty is published in Monsters, Avatars, and Angels. Monsters, Avatars, and Angels is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores.

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