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The Maple's Sanguine Lament


Lamented the maple
upon an autumnal zephyr

Don’t just stand there.
Help me! Help me!
All the blood has rushed
to my leaves
Can’t you see;
I’m flashing bright carmine
Soon enough,
I’ll have dropped all my sanguine


The evergreen shook its verdant boughs in disapproval

You complain, complain and bellow
So what; you’re puce, the oak yellow
Oh my, Red, but you are the drama queen
All I ever get to wear is dark green



The maple inflated its foliage
upon the next gust

You’re missing the point, needled one
Call them flame, russet, rubicund
Once they fall;
the wind’s had its evil fun
To lasting death,
and for good, I’ll succumb

IMG_2603 1.jpg

The evergreen chortled with a growing northern

Look here. You’ll take not your last breath
To sleep you’ll fall, not to your death
Shed every last sheaf of bright vermillion
It’s to bed for you, clad in white woollen


The evergreen stilled then, gave the softest of whisper

To sweet dreams, not the hereafter
You’ll rise with the rain’s pitter-patter
Oui, mon arbre, you will last out the polar
Awaken with spring, to bloom and to flower

IMG_2556 1.jpg

IMG_2556 2.jpg

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Early autumn is my favorite time of the year to take a walk. The winter rains have yet to come to Vancouver and the air is crisp, the sky usually clear and sunny, and the leaves are dressed to the nines in their vibrant best.

In my opinion no tree does it better than the maples. As the sun wanes, they appear to set themselves on fire for our delight, or so it seems.

Talk about drama queens, right?

A few days back, I went for a walk specifically to find the perfect tree to put in pictures for this weeks #WednesdayWalk blog and the poem Maple's Sanguine Lament. You'd think that would require a lot of looking up and look up I did, but I found the best leaves had already fallen.

Imagine the poor maple tree and how it must feel for her to lose her beauty every fall. Fortunately, she has the whispering pine to set her straight and sooth her season-worn nerves.

And isn't it like that for us too. Nature is the best medicine, the best counsellor. Always take time to enjoy, walk, ponder, and wonder, walkers:)

Shout out to @tattodjay:)


Words and Images are my own. The Maple's Sanguine Lament is published in Monsters, Avatars, and Angels and is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores.

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Great story! And I love your photographs. I love taking pix of what I find at my feet too -your photographs both enhance the poem and are gorgeous all on their own. And two recordings!

Thanks so much, Owasco. These rhyming pieces take a lot more time to craft than free verse and so I do love to return to them and enjoy them more than once and especially with this piece at this time of year. Looking at all the Fall glory how cannot I not think once again of the Maple and needleless worry;)

 2 months ago 

What a great poem! It really does bring in all the colour of fall into a fun to read verse.

Autumn is my favourite time for being outside as well. I love the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and the nutty smells in the air. There is a creek not far from me that I enjoy taking the boys too to throw rocks into; in the fall it'll be an avenue for leaves racing downstream, which is always fun to watch. Great fun.

Super lovely comment:) Awesome:) Tip!!!

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I have tried that a few times, Paul. I never earn anything on Dtube. It's like I'm invisible.

Excellent autumn photos and I love the poem, and I especially love hearing it in your own voice! ❤️

Thank you, Melinda:) Love Ya:)

Love the story! And I love autumn too. Although this year it has been a bit of a wet start!

Yes. We had a lot of rain to start which was good because it helped with the smoke from the wildfires down south. Quite nice now:)