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What Makes a Zombie

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What makes a zombie so ...

brain-eating for sure
reason and coherence
they’re the first to go

A bump in the night
a groan and a grunt
tenacious teeth take hold
pierce to the membrane
take out a chunk

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Your mind cut in half
your hunger times-two

flesh between your teeth
so sweet, so succulent
the only thing for you

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There she sleep; there she lie
take hold; she bats you away
zombie she scoffs I think not
annoying little fly

But you ARE a zombie
to consume in parts or in whole
desire for flesh … Yuuuum
won’t let go

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Your jaws open wide
you await a scream
a plea of oh-no

instead just a giggle
as you nibble at her toe

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I came across the most amazing wall of vegetation a block from my house. It was just beginning to take on its fall colors. The vines and leaves were absolutely spectacular, with slashes of blood red leaves cutting across the green.

It doesn't take a whole lot to move the imagination toward the macabre and the scene of a zombie attack.

Still blooming was the odd purple flower, and if one really looked close, she could find some small orange fruits, most of them already feasted upon by the local wildlife.

The flowers are featured in my last blog.

I did some internet sleuthing to discover what was growing rather tenaciously in the rainy, temperate clime of Vancouver. Passion fruit. Who knew a quintessential tropical plant could grow so rapaciously this far from the equator and produce such beautiful autumnal foliage.

Eat your chilly, clingy heart out English Ivy. The walls here are overcome with sweet passion ... literally.



Words and Images are my own.

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Very funny! You are in lighter mood this one!

Passion fruits! That’s a real surprise! Would love to see those fruits too!

Have a nice weekend!

Thank you, Kami. I did take some shots of the fruit too. I think they will make an appearance later:)

Oh! Thanks for letting me know!! Those fruits must be edible. Have you tried them? Any good?! Sweet or sour?

Very macabre and hilarious! Yes I see how those plants and their flashes of blood red inspired you, @prydefoltz. Such a great theme for this time of year.

Thanks so much, Jayna. I love my zombies anytime a year but right now ... it is more socially acceptable lol:)

 last month 

Zombies! The quintessential Halloween favourite. I've always felt that, rotting flesh aside, zombies would make great boyfriends because they're mostly interested in braiinns, but you're beginning to make me reconsider that. 😂

Haha ... zombies are a year round treat for me:):):)