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RE: A Special BIRTHDAY GIFT for an INCREDIBLE WOMAN - @thekittygirl

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@thekittygirl is one of those People that leaves a mark where ever she goes. Touches ❤️ and inspire.

I have looked up on her since I got here and been inspired by her many talents, Knowledge and personality.

We are Lucky to have her in our lives 🤗❤️🤗
Love you sis 🥰

Thank you @jaynie for doing this beautiful tribute to her ❤️

I will spread the word 🙏


Thank you sweetie! Nobody deserves it more than she does!

I see you landed in PHC - about bloody time! :P


I honestly thought the PHC was for those Who writes, and I wasn't sure I was one who could join 😜 Im no writer, I just make my photography posts and about life and silver. But ya... I thought I had to check it out and Thank you 🥰

Btw... I made one for our Kitty 🌷

Thank you for all you do @jaynie ❤️

Btw.. I send you some hive tomorrow for bday gift 🥰
Time to sleep here now.

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Thank you so much dear lady! 😊