You are invited to join the POWER HOUSE CREATIVES and THIS is WHY! By @scubahead

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Hi Hivers!


I'd like to outline a few reasons as to why I think you should join the Power House Creatives Community. Just a few as it's why I'm here.


i'd say this sums up the Power House Creatives. That and there's also a commnity spirit of nurturing hivers and helping to share their posts and get them noticed.

How do they do that?


A few months back I noticed that my daily Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble post was getting reglogged way more than is normal and i was a little confused but none the less pleased. A few days later i decided to join the discord and have a chat with some of the hivers on PHC. While browsing through the discord I saw a "Reblog Relay" page. it was to showcase and encourage members to chare posts. As a scrolled down a ways I saw my post and immediately realised ahhhhh thats why my post was getting so much attention.

Then I saw there's a " Daily Rally" page on there also encouraging people to vote, share message or all to showcase more PHC posts and get them seen. Great initiatives like these from a community that cares and wants to promote posts withing it. They do this and much more to nurture the community and make you feel part of it also. JOIN THE DISCORD!!


this lovely lady is the founder of the PHC and you'd think would be too busy to interact with the riff raff like me. WRONG! Always has time, cares quite clearly for the community she's created and wants you all to flourish within it and works hard to make that happen. Surrounded by great talent such as @zord who will step in at a moments notice and the ever diligent @thekittygirl

Also it doesn’t matter what you are into



Join us on the PHC because you know it makes sense 😛😁



Connecting with other individuals, communicating efficiently and working together effectively is one of the most critical aspects of any successful community project, business or initiative. The Power House Creatives has been working together as a team to support and grow the genuinely passionate individuals on our blockchain since October 2017. We are proactive on all social media platforms - actively supporting the content published on our community feed. We work closely with the founders of @theterminal - who are members of our community too - assisting and guiding newer members of Hive, creating a seamless transition from an introductory space to one which nurtures the enthusiasm and creativity of each individual.

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Our discord server is where we connect, brainstorm, assist members, highlight worthy Hive news, problem solve and simply chit chat - connecting in a more personal and direct space so that we can all get to know one another better as well as bring together ALL the social media aspects like Torum and Twitter activity and efforts.


Everyone is welcome in our house

ALL content topics are welcome on our community feed



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Torum is a relatively new social media platform connecting people in the blockchain arena and we would like to invite you to join us there too. It is a fun and casual space where we connect with and support our community members as well as connect with other individuals on Hive and beyond. You can join us by registering below.


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We are VERY proactive on Twitter - sharing MANY of our content creators posts every day not only via our PHC TWITTER ACCOUNT


but ALSO via THE LUV BUG. Every SINGLE share is "uniquely" catered for in terms of hashtags and attracting the RELEVANT audience within and outside of the Hive space.


Hive is not simply a blockchain - it is a decision, a mindset and a like minded community that shares in the growth of such.

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Creating a post fully explaining how you found your way into community and why it made sense to stay, apt and descriptive reasoning @scubahead Awesome!

What an awesome and fun post!!!! Love the comic vibes you added in! Thanks for the awesome testimony to our community and to the people who make it all happen! Love having you with us! !tip

awww shucks @jaynie. It was fun doing it and it's a great community because it actually is one!

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Great to have you on board, love your coffee posts 🍵

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Thanks, nice to have a home for my mindless rambling

PHC is where it's at baby! You nailed it. Teamwork is the DreamWork and PHC has plenty to offer. 👍👍

It is the most happening h place I ever witness...especially the Discord and the love on the posts are truly awesome.

I agree with you! PHC is a great community! Jaynie is a girl who loves her community and does what she can to see it grow. Your publication is very funny.

haha glad you liked it. I am doing more comic stuff today. keeps me out of trouble

I still haven't figured out this communities thing. I don't know very much about how it works....

haha. Yes some are eclectic in that you can post anything like in PHC but theres a nice bunch of people in there that get behind your posts. Then there are some that are specific to a genre be it photography or art . Theres a Agricultural Mindset community that might interest you also. What you think?