📷 My new painting "Waterfall in the forest"

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Good day to all! Today I want to share with you my new picture, this time it will be a landscape with a waterfall -:)


I drew it for quite a long time , because I did not get the mountains :-(
But I persistently master the subtleties of art, and do not stop at difficulties. The more you draw, the better you learn different techniques, right?

At first I did underpainting. I outlined some of the objects of my future picture, and it turned out well.


To be honest, I shouldn't have touched those mountains again. But I wanted to improve them, and began to Refine the details...

I drew the sun, trees in the background, even wanted to show the sun's pre-dawn rays breaking through the high rocks.


I wanted to make a bridge so that I could enjoy the strong streams of water from the waterfall, which fell with a noise down and created a kind of hum. Have you ever been to the waterfall? Then you understand the noise from the water.

But the waterfall was not enough for me :-)
I also Wanted to draw a couple of trees in the foreground, and somehow decorate the mountains with greenery.


But the result is this picture. I often did not enter the trees in the background. I was very upset about this, I could not understand the principle :-) But in this picture, like trees, I turned out. What do you think?


Then I wanted to improve my landscape a little in a special program. Which of the pictures did you like best?




Now look at the same picture , but with the filter "oil paint" :-)


Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes,


Image turns out to be filled with light, life and nature well done!

Bringing water into a frame from mountain top is never easy by what I understand which is minimal when painting, have a wonderful day @singa