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Have you ever left the market with a Death Wish...? 😱

Personal business took me out-of-state today, and I was able to meetup with an old friend. We haven't seen each other in two-years although we talk on the phone a couple of times most weeks. After taking care of the business which I went into the area to do, we treated ourselves to lunch at a nice restaurant and then stopped at the market to get a few groceries she needed.

One of her selections was Death Wish Coffee 😂 I was laughing so hard I did not think to ask if she'd had it before, or whether it was an item she opted to try for the first time. Their website states that their coffee is: "...created by using the strongest combination of beans and a perfect roasting process."

There were plenty of other choices there, too, including an old blast from my past. They had Eight O'Clock Coffee which I clearly remember as a product of the A&P grocery stores in my childhood. A&P was founded in 1859 as a grocer in the US. The company was originally called the The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company and later shortened to "A&P" for simplicity. The Eight O'Clock Coffee brand was also introduced in 1859. It's so popular that it is sold in many other grocery stores in recent years, even since the A&P company's demise in 2015. [source]

Who can ponder coffee, the Drink of the Gods, without thinking of @c0ff33a the dear Hive witness? I wonder if he has sampled Death Wish Coffee during his many years of coffee-roasting and coffee-tasting? I'd tag some of the other coffee lovers on-chain, too, but there's too many of us to name! 😋

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So, yeah — have you ever left the market with a Death Wish...? Ever tried this stuff...?


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I have not sampled Death Wish Coffee @thekittygirl but there are similar brands in the UK too such as F*cking Strong Coffee, Zombie Coffee and Rocket Fuel.

To be honest it is pretty simple to recreate, While everyone adores Arabica beans, Robusta is widely ignored and often used for instant coffee. But it also tends to make up a good percent of an espresso blend, because Robusta beans add more crema to an espresso - and crucially a Caffeine Kick. You see Robusta is cheap because it grows quite happily at low altitudes and so is easy to harvest - Arabica can't hack low altitudes mainly because it is decimated by insects ruining the crop. Why do the insects ignore Robusta beans? They have more then double the Caffeine! Insects can't handle all that caffeine and leave it alone.

So if you super dark roast a Robusta coffee you end up with...well a death wish coffee. And because Robusta is cheap you can let the marketing do the work and turn a massive profit off your super strong coffee. The fact it is the vindaloo of the coffee world is lost on most, some people just don't have taste buds.

Personally I would rather have a delicate medium roast from El Salvador or Peru, full of fruity floral flavours. But each to their own I suppose.

I'm with you on this one @c0ff33a! I love a good espresso, but, my tried and true medium roast Peru is one of my favorites, along with the yummy Columbian!


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If you dared to try a cup, did the Death Wish Coffee make as strong of a gustatory impression as its name does? Who even comes up with such a name for coffee?💀☕☠

I am very familiar with 8 O'Clock Coffee though, as it was a blend both of my parents enjoyed drinking. Speaking of A&P grocery stores, do you remember purchasing Dana Brown's Safari Coffee too, or was that a St. Louis thing? Those decorative tin cans the coffee came in were something else! I bet an empty Dana Brown's Safari Coffee can will turn up when Mom and I do a deep cleanup at her home -- either in the garage or in dad's basement workshop!🔧🧰🛠

Thanks for the memories! @thekittygirl🌹


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Death Wish Coffee may just be the right one to kick start a day. Nice to explore with a friend close to hand @thekittygirl

This is an awesome #MarketFriday post! A little click bait, some coffee history and some smiles - so fun!

I hadn’t realized the A&Ps went out of business. They were such a fixture. I’m trying to think whether I’ve actually had eight o’clock coffee. Here in Minnesota we have three highly popular coffee brands - Caribou, Cameron’s and Dunn Brothers. I’m not sure how widespread any of them are outside the Midwest.

You can add me to your list of coffee addicts!

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Ah, Death Wish, sounds like an awesome brand. Wondering if they have an Espresso and Intravenous version? ☕️

Haha!!! I have never left anywhere with a Death Wish!! I must be living wrong, yes? :))

I love it when manufacturers get inventive with their names. Have you noticed, it only seems like desserts get fun names? My kids love this Gucci ice cream we get over on the shore called Mud Marsh. Now, that doesn't make me want it, but, it sure excited them! I must know if you got any? I might have been a bit curious, especially if she got some, but, to be honest, most of them do not live up to their name, they live off the name. :))

One of my mom's saddest days was when the A&P closed their doors. It was a staple shopping place in the Northeast. Along with First National and Grand Union, that just about rounded off the top. The Hog stayed down south and I didn't discover it until later in life. Imagine my 16-year-old self visiting my Aunt in the Panhandle of Florida and she says to me... Hey, Sugar, can you run on down to the Hog and get me some milk? I got int the car and drove up and down the road, passing two grocery stores, and finally stopped and asked someone. OMG, The embarrassment! I lie to you not.

Innovative and fun! I want to thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday! This was so awesome and it really brought a smile to my lips. I personally try to post weekly for the challenge to provide a different look at American culture. So, this is so appropriate for the sharing part. At times it will be over the top to show exactly what many cultures think Americans live like, but, mostly, everyday things. Sometimes, I just show places that I have gone to, all having an entry fee to qualify it for the #MarketFriday tag! I do know that it has been a challenge to find new things during the pandemic, but, we still have to live, so most everyone has been able to provide a post. It really surprised me, but, also delights me to know how much effort people put into it. It shows off how much we are alike and how different life can be. In the end, it makes it an experience that I look forward to. I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! It Is heartwarming to see how many posts into the challenge, including you. Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a unique flavor to the mix. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! It was lovely! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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