For the Women at Aubrey's

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A friend of mine (@ladyangelwolf) and I had the opportunity to try a new restaurant, Aubrey's in Johnson City, Tennessee (US). It appears to be a small chain that currently has fourteen locations in the eastern Tennessee area. The restaurant was spacious, clean, comfy, and quiet, although it wasn't terribly busy at the time we visited (thankfully!).

At first, I thought the menu was a bit on the pricey side, as even their salads and appetizers were over USD $10 each. 😳 However, it dawned on me later that we might have been given the "dinner menu" rather than the "lunch menu" since it was just past 2:30 PM when we arrived. They had a broad range of fare which would cover the tastes of most prospective diners, except perhaps those who are vegan.

My choice was the "Fish and Chips" meal, which I ordered from their "Small Plates" menu section. The portion was generous, and I am glad I did not opt for the larger portion! 😱 The fish was Alaskan Pollock, panko breaded, and served over circular, hand-cut slices/"chips" of sauteed potato. I ordered a separate side-dish of Squash Casserole which was excellent! It was a simple-but-yummy casserole with a home-cooked taste, something "like Grandma used to make."

My friend opted for the "Small Plates" selection of Crab Cakes with a Cajun remoulade sauce and sauteed mushrooms on the side. Since she wasn't driving that day but rode with me in my car, she decided to sample the Vanilla Lager. She reported that it was very tasty and packed quite the punch! 😁

So, on to the Ladies' Room... for another edition of the #toiletthursday initiative, as envisioned by @brittandjosie

It is rather odd that public toilets are called "restrooms" in some parts of the world. We do not go there to "rest" unless one falls asleep on the toilet... 😂

The Ladies' Room in Aubrey's was executed in a black-and-white theme, similar to the restroom which I visited recently at Ming's Asian Cuisine. I actually wonder if, perhaps, the very same contractor is responsible for the design of both restrooms! It is quite possible, as the restaurants are relatively close to each other and in the same shopping plaza, although built at different times.

The door into the women's restroom was inset with a piece of white, frosted glass with a black "W" painted on it. When I passed the door to the men's room, I noticed it had an "M" on it.

The most striking thing upon entering was the enormous full-length mirror. It was a free-standing mirror in a wooden frame that was leaning against one wall rather than being mounted on that wall. The mirror is so big...!!! 😮 With the bottom of the mirror resting on the floor, it still almost reached to the ceiling! The fact that the mirror was just leaning there gave a more casual, "homey" feel to the decor.

The walls were covered with black tiles that were the size and shape of bricks with white grout between them. There was a lovely accent "stripe" of white tile that completely encircled the room. The floor was also covered in a geometric tile with a black-and-white motif.

The obligatory "baby changing station" which is present in most women's restrooms was recessed into the wall (with the door flush with the wall) rather than sticking-out obnoxiously as most do. It was also constructed of stainless steel, looking very classy compared to the plastic pre-fab changing tables in most restrooms. I wonder — do men's restrooms have baby-changing stations, too, or not? If they don't, they should! 🤔

The sinks were some of the most unusual I have ever seen, anywhere. They had the appearance of two rectangular basins resting on a stainless steel shelf! The soap dispensers were actually inside the basin, which is a brilliant way of keeping dribbles off the counter top!

The sinks were situated in an alcove with a wall on three sides. Above the sink was a generous mirror, sized perfectly to fit the space over the sinks and fill the entire wall above. There was a beaded embellishment all around, between the glass and the wooden frame, which I thought was lovely. Only after I returned home did I notice that my hand, arm, phone, dress, and purse were caught in one edge of the shot. 😝

The black-and-white tiles on the floor were pretty, too, and laid in a pleasing, geometric pattern. It's fun to notice even the small details.

After we left the restaurant, my friend wanted to go by Gabe's, a store in the area. I had heard of it but never been there. My friend described it as similar to a TJMaxx store, and she was right, as there was a selection of clothing, home furnishings, a few small electronic items, and plenty of merchandise for the upcoming Halloween.

As we passed the girls' clothing section, I saw the most adorable t-shirt! It had a pink unicorn on it and the words "GIRLS ARE THE FUTURE" emblazoned across the top. It was so sweet! I seldom wear t-shirts, but might have gotten one if it had been in my size because I like unicorns! 🦄 But it was sized for little girls, not someone of my size/age. 😂 Still, it was the cutest thing! 😁

So, thus endeth another #toiletthursday post. Have you seen an interesting restroom recently? If so, write about it and join the fun!


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Looks like classy toilets! And yeah "rest rooms", "bathrooms" (I'm not having a rest or taking a bath!).

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We call them restrooms here in SA too - I suppose it isn't really any more odd than the old "water closet" haha!

Love those decorative floor tiles, but someone went seriously overboard on all the black... makes the whole space feel a little "dreary" in my opinion rather than "classy". Love that mirror though. Have always loved things like mirrors and art free standing... have no shortage of it in my own home lol !tip

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I love this! I just clicked on your post, not noticing it was for #toiletthursday - every time I think of that challenge, I laugh. Come on now, it is funny! :)) Someday, I will find a ladies' room worthy of a click or two.

I actually have that tile in the Shore House. LOL Perhaps I should have not picked something so commercial and now I will never look at it the same. It actually is because the house is old and the floor was wooden, I just wanted tile in there.

There are baby changing stations in many men's rooms, as reported to me. :)) Especially in the Welcome Rest Areas.

This was fun and I love your purse. I have had that happen to me many times. I do love those sinks and have seen them, but, never with the soap on the inside! That's brilliant.

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Funny you mention Johnson City, TN. I know several Jamaicans that live there, as well as Turtletown and Ducktown.

I didn't realize the bathrooms were that glamorous there.

Not all the restrooms there are so glamorous in appearance; I think this was an exception! Cool that you know some folks in Johnson City! I lived there several years ago and planning to move back there sometime soon!