Rocket Cat for #caturday

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I have a Rocket Cat in my house! 🙀

The beautiful black cat that enjoys sending most of his time outdoors does something that is really cute. It took a while to figure out why he does it, and I still don't fully understand it, but hey... 😂

There is a recliner right beside the back door. When he wants to go out, he has taken to jumping onto the arm of the recliner and waiting there until the door is open. At first, he was then jumping down the floor and then walking out, which created a big mystery as to why he ever got on the recliner in the first place.

Then, one day, I opened the door a little wider and discovered that he liked leaping off the arm of the recliner straight onto the patio outside. He does it so fast, he's like a black rocket. zooooom!


I tried to get a video of it with my phone, but failed. If I stand at the door to open it, I am too close to him to get the video, and when I step back to do the video, I can't reach the door. Maybe some day, I can figure a way to prop the phone on a chair or something and get it recorded! Until then, you simply must use your imagination. Rocket Cat! 😁


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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There's so much in animals that makes them so special ... and somethings we will never fully understand WHY they do it, but it's adorable to see, and for what I can see with my own dogs, they all have their own typical things that give them their own personality. I would love to see a video of your rocket cat ... but in my imagination I really can see it. Hugs for your black beauty and you. Have a great #caturday, enjoy and take care.

Cats are weird. That's the only thing for it :)

Sam does this thing when we get ready to go for our walk and I keep trying to figure out how to adequately reduce it to video. Next attempt will be using my kindle and take way too much video from a fixed location (it'll have to be two or three actual locations). We'll see how that works. It starts when I put on socks and makes me laugh right out loud and has for almost 3 years now.

Rocket cat. I like that.

@thekittygirl pets are most trusted friend😊👍

A real Rocket 🚀 Cat🙀! Its AKA. A Molly or a Tom? Look at it... it seems Rocket Cat wants to go out... it's waiting. Are you ready with your camera, @thekittygirl? When you do take that video, I'd be curious see it ZOOOOM!

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