Such special little flowers!

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I'm doing something with this post that I normally don't do... 😬 I do not usually post any photos of flowers until I know what kind they are, so I can give the Common Name and Scientific Name. However, this pretty little flower did not appear in any of the searches I did online, so I am quite puzzled as to what it is. I am hoping that @dswigle or another flower lover can identify it.

I think it is lovely! It is not quite red, not quite pink, not quite fuchsia... and the arrangement of the petals is fascinating! The photo, above, is an artsy rendition, of course. The original photo is shown further down in this post, if it would help to identify this pretty thing.

Also, I am not sure what the following flowers are, either. So, again, if anyone knows, please tell me! I had trouble getting a clear photo of these because there was a faint breeze blowing and the flowers would not stop wiggling when I tried to snap their picture. That is why even the original photo is a bit blurry, much to my dismay.

Both of these photos were taken outside of Maggie's Galley restaurant, the same place the dinner-plate-sized, yellow Dahlias were photographed. The restaurant had a porch on one side of the building with "window-box" planters, and these delightful little flowers were in those planters!

So, here are the original shots. You can click and zoom-in if you want a closer look!

Thank you for helping to identify these flowers!


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They are Ivy Geraniums! They come in all sorts of colors now. You see them hanging from the balconies in Europe and they winter nicely. I have some that are years old and I snip them back a little and they take off in the spring!

I hope this helps a little!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am happy to know what these are, both for my own curiosity as well as possibly getting a planter of them some day! You are such a treasure to have on-chain! 💖

Oh, it is my pleasure! I got some on clearance a few weeks ago, because they really are something they sell in the spring. However, mine is in a terra cotta window boxes on my porch and they are doing amazing!

I only ever buy IVY GERANIUMS! I never buy regular ones anymore.

Thank YOU so much for the Hive!!!! xox

I love nature but like you, I can't seem to get what flower this is. However, it is really a beautiful one.

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Awesome photography. Those flowers are ver nice. Your words give them more beauty

Ivy Germaniums? Took a minute because it kept coming up 'Desert Rose'.

Edit: After actually looking at the comments, @dswigle already told you that bwahahahaaaa!

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Wonderful photography!

Tiny flowers are so interesting. I think they were created purposely tiny to encourage us to stop and look at them, go closer and momentarily (even for a quick second) stops us from what we are doing, and give us a break. Beautiful aren't they. Great editing, my dear sis @thekittygirl!
Have a wonderful day and take care 🥰🌺🤙