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RE: Meet Fur Baby LILI !

my fuzz ball is an adult. She had her first litter of kittens 2 years ago. She had three. sadly two of which have passed away.

The first born Leon still lives today at a relatives home.

Sophia, the mother, stems from an inbred. Sophias brother is also her father. The mother her grandmother too.

Sophia was dropped off to my hands as a youngling by my cousin. very young. she was the smallest of the litter. she stuck to me like glue everywhere I went. climbing up the length of my body to my shoulder every time I made breakfast that winter.

I hope to keep having a longer relationship. She has taught me so much about being patient. And has been great company. She is a continuing inspiration and a great therapy teacher/life coach.


ah thats nice ! i am enjoying this small baby, shes following me everywhere and i am trying my best to play with her as much as i can hehe, sadly they grow fast :)