A rut or a sign?

in Divinationlast year (edited)

I continue to pull a rune each morning with the simple intention to let the universe guide me in a general direction for the day.

There are 25 runes in my Elder Futhark set (including the blank one). I have, for the past 19 days, pulled a few repeats. It felt to me like I was always getting the same message.
This week I have not pulled a 'new' rune. All pulls this week are repeats.





And today, Ehwaz...Movement

These morning rune draws are meant, for me, as a little bit of focus for the day. I am not used to not GOING to work or having a place to be or a structured thing to do.
I am making my own day, which is nice, but I am falling into a space of uncertainty with my purpose here.

Ehwaz comes up a lot for me. A reminder to keep moving. Don't fall into a rut, but be open to what could be and continue to focus on what I wish it to be. When this week is full of messages of abundance and strength, and I continue to get the same messages, I just move forward reminding myself to pay attention.
Pay attention to how certain thoughts and situations make me feel.
Pay attention to those little odd moments (like a random request for a hand lettering job, when that is not my job...or hubby suddenly being flooded with work after being out of work since the start of the pandemic). Those some moments may seem unrelated, isn't it interesting when I decide to just leave my job out of frustration that my partner is suddenly thrust into several?

Some times we 'reach' for signs. Sometimes we miss them altogether. But the fact is, as Tony Robbins says, 'energy flows where attention goes'.
If I want security of messages of abundance to remind me that I have happiness and security inside, to let the universe help me with the outside, then I will find them. And in turn, if I see these messages, doesn't that give me what I need to focus on the positive energy and welcome it into my life?
Who really cares where the positive energy comes from as long as it is the energy you are focused on.