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RE: Gardening on a slope part 2: Raised beds and terraces

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Thought about you today, we went maple syruping! Never been to a place before so it was a pretty cool adventure. I was amazed at the amount of syrup and taps the operation has but it is a commercial business so they gotta keep it moving. What were the other types of syrup you’ve made? Was it birch and another one? I was trying to ask them if they did any others today but they got a little annoyed lol

Glad that you’ve got some decent land to take care of this stuff in. I hope I can get my hands on something like that so I can start my own small homestead to ward off needing to buy groceries for some things.


The only other syrup I've successfully made is walnut. I know that you can make syrup from the sap of hickory, birch, and sycamore trees as well, but I haven't gotten my timing right for the hickory and haven't had an opportunity to tap any birch or sycamore trees yet.

Land is cheap here in rural NY, if you can handle the taxes!