Swollen, Recuperation, Paragliding School Scheduled, Trailer, Puzzle - Friday

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Slowly my face is feeling better. My teeth and gums are not too bad it is really the swelling in my cheeks that is hurting a lot. Sleeping is such a PITA waking up every time I roll over. Most of my morning was spent working Duolingo lessons and CSS on Mimo. I went down and talked to my Mom about my school dates and after confirming with her I was able to email the school and I am scheduled for the first of April for school!!!! I am se incredibly excited for this and wish I didn't have to wait 2 months for it.

Once I had my dates confirmed I went on the look for some place to stay while I am there. I am likely going to go with an Airbnb as there are rooms for $55/night compared to $80+ for a hotel room. Being there for over a week I am not very likely to camp given I want to be well rested for flying. I also don't relish spending half what the class costs just on a place to stay while there. I have a couple other ideas to look into but that is the direction I am leaning as of now.


I have been making sure to keep on my meds and I have found that since I have been taking the antibiotic Amoxicillin my eczema has been clearing up much faster than with the prednisone. While talking with my Mom about it she reminded me that I had staph infections as a kid and the antibiotics were what cleared it up. So I am starting to realize that I need to keep it on hand as well as prednisone for times when my body goes haywire.

I got the text before picking the boys up from school but I forgot until near dark that I had grain to get this morning and I went out to hook the trailer up and put the birds in for the night. We have been in the time of year where the brewing is generally slowed down and should be picking back up.


Dinner needed to be something I could eat so I did a mashed potato, ground beef, and veggies mix which 3 of us loved and J winged at due to his food "touching". He's one of those kinds of kids apparently. Over the day I had managed to get a lot of the puzzle together with primarily the forest section at the bottom to finish and the center of sky. When we went to bed it was slightly raining and did so off and on all night and into this morning.


This morning I have been to town for grain already, am watching the Man Utd match now, then will go empty the 2 barrels of grain for the animals and birds, I have to keep on my Duolingo lessons so I can stay in the promotion zone to get to the next league, I think I will get the burn pile going in the garden this afternoon, and continue to recuperate my face.

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Glad you are seeing improvement.

Some, but the swelling is still kicking my ass. I have spent the entire day in and out of major throbbing which has had me largely incapacitated. Eating Ibuprofen like candy trying to dampen it a bit.