This Is A Huge Urgent Project On The Homestead

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As you’ve seen from my previous videos the homestead has been one major project/issue after another. Sure I expect lots to go wrong when buying this homestead but it’s been so many things all at once that I just want to catch a break lol

This project is still a work in progress but requires a good amount of work and getting workers to come in and replace much of the piping. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress.

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If you have a good relationship with the people you bought the place from, talk to them once everything is fixed and see if you can work something out with them. If not, you'll have an easy case in small claims court, which is a simple and inexpensive process in most areas, without a lawyer.

If your plumbing was working before the septic backed up, you shouldn't need to have it replaced. If you choose to have it replaced, keep the old cast iron pipes, or have whoever does the work give you a discount to take them... they are worth decent money at a scrap yard.

You've already dealt with pretty much the worst you can experience when doing plumbing work. It's an easy skill to learn that can save you (as you've seen) huge amounts of money!

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A good plumber will make sure that concrete lid gets tar rope (or butal tape) so that it seals properly. Because of the condition of the lid there is a good chance a bunch of surface water has been getting into the tank.

If the tank (and drain field) is small and this looks like a problem that will occur again perhaps look at getting a macerator installed.