Brutal Winter Storm Let's Review Wood Heat!

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After one of the coldest storms ever to hit the homestead and this area I decided to do a pros and cons video of wood heat.

If you didn’t know I currently heat my homestead with a wood stove and lots of wood which I chop daily. I learned after this brutal winter that I need to get better at stacking and getting it ready during the spring time so I’m not out here in the freezing cold chopping up wood trying to stay warm.

The entire heating system is a little makeshift but that’s what makes it a true homestead right?!

Here are my pros and cons list of using wood heat if you're thinking of using it as a option yourself.

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Nice! Just watched this while sitting next to our hot wood stove. It gets used a lot when it's snowing. That's when we occasionally get power outages that can sometimes last for a few days and the fire can literally be a life saver. But yes, they can be a lot of work so usually our forced air heater does the job. Cheers!

Stay Warm! As much work as a wood stove is I seriously love it

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I grew up with a wood burning stove heating our house. I, of course, had to do most of the splitting. We would get cords of unsplit logs delivered and then we had to split it. I actually didn't mind doing the work once I got dressed and started doing it. It was having it hang over my head that was the worst part. lol I agree though, the house always seemed warmer with the stove going vs the furnace. Probably because the wood fire just burned hotter so the air coming out was warmer. I will say, I hated emptying the ash and having to relight it. And that ash can got heavy by the time it was full. We didn't have a garden though so the wild raspberries in the woods behind our house got a lot of good nourishment. :-) Ahhh, the good ol' days. 🙂

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Love this, there are a lot of benefits but also a good amount of work that goes into it all. For me its well worth the cons

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The key is doing what you're doing; turning the negatives into positives. Like getting your workout and feeding your plants and chickens. Plus, I don't know many people that clean their basements once a week're ahead of the game there too. 🙂

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