Baby Goats Today!?!

I’m pretty sure tonight is the night for the kids to be born. I’ve been watching Daisy very closely over the last several weeks, and this morning she is showing all the signs of being ready.

Her pinbones are very loose. Here is how to check.


The pinbones aren’t bones at all; they are ligaments at the base of her spine that soften over several weeks before she goes into labor. It’s similar to the cervix dilating in a human birth, but it takes a lot longer.


Her udder has been slowly filling up over the last little while, and although that’s not always a sign of impending labor, it’s a good indicator.


Sometimes first-time moms won’t “bag up” until after they deliver, but Daisy is a veteran. One other sign is whether or not you can feel the kids. You can start feeling them when they are still a couple of months away from delivery, and when the big day gets closer, instead of feeling vague lumps you can feel feet (which is pretty cool).


When the doe is within about twelve hours of delivering, she suddenly looks a lot less pregnant and you can no longer feel the kids. This is because they have lined up and are getting ready to make their big entrance. This morning when I went up to feed everyone, Daisy looked much thinner, I couldn’t feel the kids, and she had the beginnings of some goo hanging out the back end.


Although that sounds like she will deliver any minute, I’m pretty sure it won’t be until around dinnertime tonight. Goats tend to deliver around the same time each time they have kids. I don’t know why, and I don’t know if there’s any scientific proof of that. All I have is anecdotal evidence. So tune in around dinner tonight and maybe you can watch little goats coming into the world! No matter how many times I have seen it happen, it is always a miracle and a privilege to witness.

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