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RE: Gardening on a slope part 3: Moving the chicken tractor

in Homesteading4 months ago

It's a tough call between making it sturdy enough to protect the chickens, but light enough to move around. It still sounds a bit of a pain to move, but at least you aren't doing it every day. Have you added next boxes in the covered part?


I haven't added nest boxes... these chickens should be in their new coop before the hens start laying. Once the new coop is built, this tractor will be used mostly for slaughter chickens.

That will probably help keep the weight down, then. Will you have specifically bred meat chickens or just raise any roosters from hatches?...Or both of the above?

The plan is for a little bit of both. I've yet to successfully breed any chickens here at all. Predators kept interfering, which was the reason for moving things closer to the house and using much smaller wire mesh. These chickens are mostly dual-purpose birds, so once they are breeding successfully it's likely that many of the roosters and hens will end up getting butchered. If they do not breed successfully, my plan is to just get a half dozen Cornish Rocks that I raise for slaughter, twice a year.

On a side note, it looks like things are successfully set up for Homesteading in the OCD incubation program. I'm hoping to get to my desktop tonight to see if there's anything new in the community worth the boost, and to work on an announcement post in the community. I also (just typing this here so I remember) need to drop a comment to jacobpeacock, to let him know, and to see if he still has the keys for the community account.