Powerpuff Yourself: Turn Yourself Into A Powerpuff Girls Character

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Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Powerpuff Girls. I'm sure you know them or heard of them at least. Three girls with huge eyes fighting save the city of Townsville. It's one of the most popular and successful cartooning in history.

Recently, I've seen Townsville trending on Twitter and that's where I learned about this fun cartoon transformation game. It's called POWERPUFF YOURSELF.

It was actually existing a couple of years back but it has gained some popularity recently. I don't know about it before so I am thankful that it trended on Twitter and captured some attention again.

As someone who have watched Powerpuff Girls before and has become part of my childhood, this game is irresistible. Lol. Who wouldn't want to see his/her Powerpuff self?


And besides, it kept me busy for awhile. Good for killing time in the midst of quarantine. Hahaha! I know, I should be doing some drawing for my Youtube channel. What are you doing, straykat? Lol.


After the avatar customization, you will be asked some fun questions to give your avatar a personality that matches yours, of course.


And this is how I think I would look like when I become Popwerpuff Girl character. Laid back outfit, cute comfy shoes, droopy eyes, straight lips, and a lovely cat sitting close my feet. And based from my answers, they think I'm a rebel. Lol!


I agree with some of what's written like marching to the beat of my own drum. I like doing things my way or according to my own plan. (I have my own dimension. Lol.) Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not.

It's also nice that there are some options of saving the photo. You can remove the photo if you only like a plain background and you can save it as a gif too if you want to share it with animation just like that one above.

I also have to mention that the design of the website's interface is really cute and simple. I love it. :)


They also promote two hashtags when you share it directly from the website: #powerpuffyourself and #empowerpuff

Would you try turning yourself as a character in the city of Townsville?

Visit the website: POWERPUFF YOURSELF


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