Audioscape Unboxing Round 2 - 76A - UREI/Universal Audio 1176 Rev AB Style Limiting Compressor

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This is BY FAR the hardest piece of gear to score on AudioScape's website, but worth every bit of the patience and persistence. It is also worthy to note that the original unit that this clone (and revision) is based on, is a unit that is about at rare as rare can be. A grand total of only 25 of the original Universal Audio 1176 Rev A's were manufactured. While many companies have attempted recreations of the famous Rev AB (the more updated revision with more controlled/stable limiting), AudioScape is the only one that absolutely nailed it.



In a future publication, I will explain in detail (and show audio examples) of why this unit is so spectacular. For now, enjoy the unboxing video of something only audiofiles can truly appreciate, along with some details about a future channel strip build also going in the same studio rack. The 76A is made with all the same parts and circuitry as the original 1176 Rev AB, and is sonically regarded as slightly better than the original by many. This is going to be one incredibly BLUE rack!


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Click below to play LBRY video:


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Soooo jealous! Great piece of gear homie. I've been looking for exactly such a piece of gear for my home studio. Excited to hear what you make with it

Thanks homie, me too, hooking it all up today!

You've proven to be well versed in sounds and its technique.
I would've love to own one of that.
I'll listen to your single later, with your knowledge on sound, I believe that the production would be awesome. Well-done.

I've been producing for 4 years but am by no means an expert... getting there though. Thanks for the props!