Building a Vocal Booth from Scratch - Part 8: "Acoustic Foam Installation" - Manifesting the ELAmental Underground Studio for Self-Owned-Souls

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Turning this sonic "Ice-Cave" into the "Ice-Cave in Space"


...or just an ice cave with a starlit open roof... guess that makes this some kind of arctic cenote! (look up "cenotes" - if you don't know, they are gems of nature).

The problem w/ so called "studio foam" is that 99% of companies that advertise their products to treat sound... actually don't.

Most studio foam is made with the same base materials as the common egg crate style foam used for bedding - even if its not in egg crate shape (wedges, pyramids, blocks), its still the same material. All of this "studio foam" looks and feels exactly the same as actual professional grade acoustic foam - in fact they are identical in all their aspects except for the most important one... how they SOUND.


Auralex foam is the way to go. Compaines like FoambyMail and 90% of CL/OU/MP adds are not.The real stuff is expensive for a very good reason.

True acoustic foam is comprised of a completely different chemical composition that is actually designed for acoustics. There are only a few companies out there that actually supply the correct material, but the only one I actually know of is called Auralex. Do some research (forgot to save mine for sharing this time) and you will find scientific specs and graphs produced by laboratories in cooperation with extremely experienced sound engineers.


I purchased Auralex foam for my sound booth (I recommend their tube adhesive as well), but ONLY for the ceiling and door. All the walls are treated with custom built panels made with a special type of mineral wool called Rockwool Safe & Sound. I did not think that the ceiling foam would make much of a difference, but oh man was I wrong. In the following video you can clearly hear the phenomenal improvement in sonic resonance as I am talking and walking through the door, and into the vocal booth.

Instillation Demonstration in Video


The added aesthetic benefit of making the ceiling in my sound room look like the night sky in a deep forest far from urban life - is an extra sweet surprise bonus! Absolutely loving how the final stages of this project are birthing unintentional artistic expressions that should inspire all the artists who cross paths with this studio for years to come.


I didn't have quite enough foam wedges to complete the interior of the door, but I will find some locally soon and add that into the video about the next step (which will be about new booth lighting).

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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Wow is right, what a difference in sound. Looking fine. :)

Sooo close to being done now. Just waiting on my new mic to get here, searching for one more piece of rare vintage hardware for vocal tracking, finish up installing lights - and the ELAmental Underground will be OPEN!!! Then I can FINALLY finish this album!

The ELAmental Underground.... sweet ring to it.
I watch so many how to videos... love those so am enjoying following the build. I remember following a canabis grow that motivated me to try it.... ') hehe. but not building a sound studio rest assured.. lol

Haha right, it is quite an endeavor. I should have the last couple parts posted soon. I am supposed to get my new Stellar CM-6 microphone tomorrow tho! About to drop a HUGE custom audio production hardware project post tomorrow (if the guy gets back to me with his photos) I have been working on involving some Sphere gear - will be one for the ages.

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