Building a Vocal Booth from Scratch - Part 9: "Door Outfitting & Wood Trim" - Manifesting the ELAmental Underground Studio for Self-Owned-Souls

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I am now in the final stage of devolvement with this sound room build. Today I focused on outfitting the door with the remaining Auralex foam to perfect its aesthetics, sound isolation benefits, and yet another slight improvement to the acoustics. I also show the wood trim I picked up at the Rebuilding Center (same place I got all the doors for this project) after the instillation.



All the trim I picked up for this project cost me about $10 usd, and it also all matches, not only each other, but also the doors I picked up at the same location. I also found the exact type of door stopper I was looking for (even the right color - black), so I picked up several since they were only $1 a piece. I am not sure if I could have even found these new, and if I could they would have been at least $5-7 a piece (if not more).


I came across a little issue when attempting to install the stoppers however - the necessary placement also runs squarely into the right side of the trim for the bedroom door. I will have to fix this by finding a way to cut into the trim to provide space for the stopper. I can do this by sawing it out with a special tool, or removing that trim for a moment to cut it with a jigsaw. Alternatively I do have another type of stopper that mounts to the door hinges, but I will only go that route as a last resort - I really like the old-school (pun) style door stops I got.


Finally we threw some trim on the floor-walls of the booth, filling in all those gaps on the interior. I also plan to attach some thicker white-painted trim to the exterior floor-walls that my buddy had left over from another job - always gotta love donations!


So... the booth looks GOOD - just about amazing. The inspiring vibes and professionalism are really taking form in this bad-boy of an ice cave recording space. I only have to finish installing the lighting, fill it with the rest of the necessary gear, and then it will be ready for years of majik manifestation!
After I also wrap up my Studio Gear Series, I will do a final comprehensive post tying up the entire build for the studio with all its included aspects. Then I get to show you all just what all this hard work, finances, and planning is worth. Enjoy the video!

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