New flutes in my Finlandia collection and puzzles.

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New flutes in my Finlandia collection and puzzles.
I don't play them, I don't know how to play them and they are like a part of my David-fan collection for me)
David had similar ones) But, I thought now that it would be nice to learn to play at least some simple tunes)
I will sit like David and play myself on rainy evenings and piss off the neighbors)
The neighbors are horrible so, The problem is not to become a musician but to learn some tunes on the pipe)
I will try to play by myself with the help of online lessons and if I fail I will find a tutor.)


Here are the finished these beautiful puzzles I waited a long time for them to be made as I ordered and a box for the puzzles.
These puzzles were ordered from me, I made them for sale