Abol-Tabol Life Story

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hello friends,

how are you all I Hope and have faith that everyone is well and even if not well, we have to pretend to be well to keep the people around us well? It is truly one of the most painful aspects of life. We desperately try to hide the real truth about some things, hide it from loved ones, and hide the truth and present the lie with beautiful make-up. In fact, as the days go by, people are getting more advanced, and technology is giving us more benefits, the more we are entering the world of acting. Believe it or not, we are acting pretty well in real life. And the most effective of these is lying.

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No no no it's not just telling you, I only talk more about those things that my experience means real experience. I am also human, those mistakes will be in me that is normal or not? I myself am stuck in this problem, I can't get out of it even if I want to. Maybe I love you all but I don't like all your work all the time, isn't that normal? Is it right to think or expect that all your work will be liked by everyone? And some criticism of that work can be hidden, someone like me can criticize it? Not only someone like me why can someone better than me criticize that work!

The reality is that criticism will happen even if we want it and it will happen even if I don't want it. But you know what? The better it can be done, the better. None of us are above mistakes, more or less everyone can have a little mistake in their work. I never expect all my decisions to be right, nor should you expect all your decisions to be right. So we have to accept these things as normal. It is wrong to think that he is my biggest enemy if he criticizes me behind the scenes. Check it a little differently, your closest or loved one is always criticizing your work behind your back, what are you worried about? This is the stark reality.

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By saying no, I am not encouraging criticism or trying to make it right, but rather trying to share the truth between us properly. See, we are social creatures, whether good or bad, we can never take a stand against the prevailing norms in the society, but we have to accept it and try to move forward, that is the good of all of us. Today's issue is the same, it is wrong but you are not in the wrong? Are you doing the same thing I did the same way? All talk or protest we can do? I know what your answer would be in this case?

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So the matter can be accepted as easily or accepted as normal, maybe it will be good for us and we can stay normal, what did I say wrong? Actually, I have tried a lot but I can't, I can't agree with the matter or the decision, I don't know why, I can't help criticizing it, it feels very bad to me, sometimes I even feel ashamed of myself. But because of this you should not think that I am one of your enemies, but I am a man of very angry and innocent nature. Yes, if I get too angry, I leave my place and go into hiding, this is my highest power, I have never shown my ugly face to anyone, and I don't even try to show it.

My past records are like that, indeed no matter where or where I am, everyone still misses me and tries to contact me, but I know and understand that very well. But that compromise with one's character or principle does not go with me. So it's easiest for me to wrap myself up. Maybe one day, for some reason, I can do this to you too, it is not possible to betray the world, I am human like this. Be nice and try to be nice to everyone, no matter what. Try to help as many people as you can and if you can't then avoid harming yourself, hide yourself like me, hee hee hee. I ended today's rambling words with a smile, because there was nothing to smile about in today's writing.