The Daily Good Read List (2022-12-06)

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1Why You need to keep your Environment and Planet Clean
by @royalevidence # health, life, science, stemsocial, technology
2Notes of a Wandering Love
by @neruel # coffee-beverages, contest, lifestyle, romance, spillthebeans
3Let's enjoy what we do (En/Es)
by @abisag # everyday, health, life, lifestyle, photography
4Sometimes it's good to quit
by @kushyzee # hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, neoxian, pob
5A Surprising Gift Hidden in a Beautiful Painting
by @yelimarin # blockchain, creativewriting, hive-152524, spillthebeans, writingprompt
6Inking on a 70yr old comic book - don't try this at home
by @arseniclullaby # comics, creativecoin, gems, ocd, proofofbrain
7Sofia's fears: balloons and balls Eng - Spa
by @jerusa777 # family, hive-165757, motherhood, spanish, vidapersonal
8Gone girl - Finding what does not want to be found Esp-Eng
by @jemima1996 # cinema, cinetv, pelicula, review, spanish
9Like Water Through the Fingers Eng/Esp
by @rlathulerie # familyandfriends, girl, hive-108045, kids, love
10Inferential Test For Crypto currencies
by @iniobong3emm # crypto, freewrite, hive-161155, leofinance, neoxian
11The Worst Investment Advice!
by @chrysanthemum # bdcommunity, ecency, hive-167922, hivebuzz, ocd
12Choosing Leaving for Convenience
by @arasiko # contest, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, neoxian, postingtopics
13Back to Back Celebrations
by @rhedren20 # hiveph, hivephilippines, neoxian, ocd, proofofbrain
14sacrifice something to gain something
by @vikar # hl-blog, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, indonesia, neoxian
15Don't Fear The Lion : Overcoming Negativity Bias
by @hollowins # blog, neoxian, niche, vyb, writing
16Fiery Monochrome Monday
by @cmplxty # creativecoin, monochromemonday, neoxian, palnet, proofofbrain
17The power to miscommunication.
by @balikis95 # creativecoin, hive-150329, neoxian, pob, writing
18New planting period ENG/SPA
by @gaboamc2393 # gardening, gardenjournal, hive-140635, nature, spanish
by @treasuree # hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, neoxian, proofofbrain
20My Terrific Holiday Yearning Wishes
by @amoreyl # bonding, fun, hiling, love, qualitytime
21Minorities and young people are particularly interested i...
by @aliakbar2 # bitcoin, crypto, hive, inflation, technology
22Self-Improvement: REAL Change Only Happens When You Are R...
by @denmarkguy # change, goals, habits, self-improvement, silverbloggers
23From appearance to humility - The Ink Well Prompt #94
by @pjpavan # dreemport, hive-170798, inkwellprompt, theinkwell, writing
24Why Are You Putting Off?
by @menoski # business, creativecoin, leofinance, life, neoxian
25Mass Indoctrination Day Six 5th December 2022
by @ovey10 # broelisoraino, mcgi, midi, neoxian, proofofbrain
26I quite my work to take care of my daddy
by @cindynancy # curangel, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, neoxian, ocdb
27Some habits are better to give up, and some habits are be...
by @rahimanavy # hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, indiaunited, story
28Who do we lean on when we feel bad?
by @corimarstorys # appreciator, cervantes, family, love, spanish
by @ijohnsen # hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, neoxian, ocd, proofofbrain
30I Quit For The Sake Of My Health
by @rubilu # hiveghana, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, neoxian, vyb
31Overcoming Adversity
by @irestly # bdcommunity, cent, hive-197685, neoxian, writing
32Cautious Of Becoming Prey To Bad habits? Quit!
by @maryjacy # hl-exclusive, hl-w39el, neoxian, proofofbrain, thoughtfuldailypost
33Crypto Exchanges Laying off Staff during Crypto Winter
by @alokkumar121 # crypto, ctp, india, neoxian, piotr
34Is gold a good investment in 2023
by @atiko # blog, cent, hive-136819, neoxian, proofofbrain
35She Let Go Of One To Gain Many
by @hivedeb # hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, leofinance, neoxian, shequit
36Strategy with GLX token on Splinterlands
by @reeta0119 # ctp, india, piotr, splinterlands, spt
37Weekly Writing Prompts by CineTV - #5
by @cinetv # bro, neoxian, pimp, pob, writingprompt
38I Had to Quit My Job
by @graciousvic # hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, indiaunited, neoxian
39MTG: Arena- Road to ranking up to eventually play tournam...
by @thegoliath # gaming, ocd, opg, pob, rankedplay
by @fasacity # hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, leofinance, neoxian
41Will Russia sell at $60?
by @qsyal # ctp, cub, hive-167922, leofinance, proofofbrain
42I Had To Change My Mind About Quitting
by @otuyanancy # hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w39e1, self-improvement, thealliance
43Leo Threads: Explore the new face of Web3 micro-blogging!
by @fokusnow # ctp, hive, leo, leocommunity, writing
44The Employees do not speak up
by @agbaiaka # bdcommunity, blog, hive-161155, indiaunited, writing
45Classics I Want To Read Sometime In My Life
by @annacarstairs # author, bookclub, library, literature, spanish
46Splinterlands - Tactics To Accumulating SPS...
by @mawit07 # archon, ctp, hive-13323, splinterlands, spt
47Marvel Snap (2022) analysis: Decks and ranks... How about...
by @richardalexis # analysis, gaming, hivegc, juego, tcg
48The Rice Fields and a Fruit Market in Vietnam!
by @jacuzzi # culture, food, life, photography, travel
49Mass indoctrination day 5
by @kingly0 # africa, broelisoriano, ctp, neoxian, pob
50Crypto Projects Like Hive are The Slings With Which We Go...
by @acesontop # blockchain, decentralization, deepdives, freedom, hive

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