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Hi There Fellow Hiveans!


This is my 2nd contribution to the Stock Image Community. I decided to submit the best pictures from my former Botanical Garden Tours to the Stock. I will divide them by color so that they are kind or sorted. I hope you enjoy them and make a fantastic use of them if you ever decide to use them ^^

Gaillardia Aristata

Hypericum Androsaemum

Mimulus Luteus

Alstroemeria Aurantiaca

Cuphea Ignea

Terms of Use for the Photos:

  • Properly CREDIT and MENTION me, @adalger, as the creator of the original image.
  • You may NOT use this image for purposes OUTSIDE the HIVE Chain.
  • You may USE the photos as a header, add text and modify them AS PLEASED.

All pictures were taken by myself, copyright by @adalger




If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,


They are just stunning! Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for the compliment ^^ I love to share them all with you ;) .. I just hope that one day people are actually using them in a post, hehe

It will be wonderful when we see the majority of images in posts being sourced to other Hivers instead of off the chain!

It is nice to think about that everything stays rather "in-house" here on Hive .. I also believe that if there will a a huge stock on day, this also help against plagiarism a bit

That would be really good!


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To be honest, all the flowers are very beautiful. In fact, it is becoming very difficult for me to select any one from here because all the flowers have their own beauty. I think your contribution has been very beautiful. Thank you for giving us so many beautiful flowers To present up front.

Thanks @shuvo35 ^^ It is also really hard for me to decide a favorite, haha .. I really like the cuphea ignea .. they look really cool, but lilies are also always amazing .. I am also not sure if the very first picture of the gaillardia aristata is my overall favorite ... hmm, very difficult indeed ^^

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Thank you again for one of you badges ^^

What beautiful photos! Thank you for contributing with them so that everyone within the Hive field can make use of them, you are very generous. Blessings and greetings to you.

Thanks for the kind words ^^ .. If anyone would ever use one of my pictures I would be really glad about it .. I like the idea of a Stock community and if I can help it with some flowers this is a great think to do ;)

Thank you for your offer, surely I will use them and I will be letting you read the publication and see the use that I give to your beautiful and beautiful photos. A hug.

Ohh, wow ^^ .. One day I will add purple petals to my stock index too, hehe .. feel yourself hugged too =) 😀

Hello! Hope you are well. Next week I will use one of these photos to illustrate my horoscope. I'll be letting you know. Greetings and blessings.