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I am excited to share my second contribution to the #Hivestockimages Community! If you missed the first you can check out my food images if you’d like :)

When @minismallholding posted about the educational photo challenge I knew I had to make time to enter. As a home educator myself this topic is very dear to me. I have used numerous of free photos online when posting about our homeschooling journey. I’ve always planned to take my own photos to have on file for use but never got around to it. This challenge and need of more education photos was just the boost and motivation I needed to get it done. Not only was it fun but it confirmed that I can take amazing photos using the resources and supplies that I have right in my own home.

If you’re a photographer you know how much time and effort it takes to create images. The image part itself is a challenge to set up but afterwards, the editing and touching up is a whole other process in itself. With that said knowing the work it took to put into these images makes me even more proud that I accomplished what I set out to do.

There are a slew of other image ideas that I have for this topic and I hope I get the time to create them for you. Until then, I hope you educators, students or anyone needing these types of photos will be able to use some of the images for your Hive blog posts.

Let’s get to it:

Pencils, notebooks, sharpeners














Pencils, pens, supplies




Colored pencils, scissors





Writing, notebooks







Books, pages






Art Supplies










Place value blocks







All photos were taken by me with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6, copyright @crosheille

Terms of use for these images:

• Please credit and mention me, @crosheille as creator of the original image.
• If your HP is over 500 HP, a hivetip or a post beneficiary of 5% would be appreciated; Hivers under 500 HP, please enjoy the free gift.
• You may NOT use these images for purposes outside of the Hive Chain.
• You may overlay text to use as header images and modify them as needed.

Thank You!


These are so good!! You're the only one so far who has submitted anything and I think you've led with great examples.

She's really set the bars high. These are great stock image resources.

I really appreciate that @arrliinn, that means a lot! ☺️

When is the deadline?

I've had a really busy week, so will probably wrap up over the weekend now. We can probably always use more stock images for this genre anyway, so submit away. 😊

It was today, Wednesday the 26th @erikah. Maybe @minismallholding will extend it? 😁😎

Doesn't look like it ☺️

Thank you so much @minismallholding! I was really trying to make the deadline and I'm glad I was able to. I am really excited that you like them!! 🎉

I'm more focused on your school perspective than the photos expecially on this quarantine with schools in Nigeria on shutdown but grt work though

Yes, I've been homeschooling by choice for the last eight years. So it has been business as usual in my household. I know this change has been hard for a lot of people to adjust to though.

Thank you for visiting and for the compliment :)

You are welcome and it's a fantastic business

Stunning photos @crosheille. It's good to see you again. I hope you are all doing well, Hello to your children from UAE. xxx

Hey @sherylneil! It's so good to see you too, thanks so much for visiting. Thank you for your awesome compliment wow! I am so appreciating this response! 🌸

My family and I are doing well, I hope the same for you and yours ~

Stunning photos! You had some great composition ideas. My favorite photos are those with pencils. They are clean, clever and easy to use for so many educational topics! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much @delishtreats! I am so overjoyed and thrilled with the response I received. I was worried I might have too many pencil photos but those are my favorites too. I wanted to have a variety to choose from.

Thanks so much for your feedback and appreciation! It really helps ~ 😊

Wow, what a high quality photo collection! I love each and every one, well done! 😍

Yay I'm so glad you like them! Thank you so much for your support and feedback it means a lot. I had so much fun doing these and looking forward to doing more! 😃♥️

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Beautiful photos I hope to see around this blockchain.

Thank you so very much! I really appreciate the support 😀 ~

Great work, I love ones with pencils.

Thank you @afrikablr! Those are my favs too. 😊 I'm so glad you love them !

These are really great photos @crosheille! Thanks for sharing these.

It's my pleasure @arrliinn! Thank you so much for visiting and for the compliment! It pleases me to know you like them...from one homeschooler to another ;D

These are some pretty amazing pics @crosheille <33

Hey beautiful mama! Thank you so much for the love! I am overwhelmed with all the support and love I'm getting for these...quite amazing and rewarding! ☺️😘

Whoooaaa...nice photos..keep up the good work dear....

Thank you very much for such wonderful feedback and encouragement! It's greatly appreciated :)

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This really blew up with rewards! Well deserved too. I'm looking forward to setting them in use. I've featured your post in the @HomeEdders weekly curation.

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Thank you so much @homeedders @minismallholding! I am still in awe about how my work was supported and received, very delighted and honored. ☺️

Thank you so much for the hbd and featuring my post!!! ♥️

I’m already working on my next series of photos ~ 😉

More!? I can't wait!! 😁

I didn't know you didn't have a badge! And I didn't know you were back! You are now badged up, lady! xx @riverflows

Hey @riverflows! Yeah when the badges were being created that’s when I was exciting out lol. I came back and saw all these beautiful badges and was like I want one! 😂

I am back but definitely won’t be around as much as I used to. Mainly focusing on building up the NeedleWorkMonday Community right now and trying to get a personal blog post in at least once a week. It’s great to be back around here though :)

Thanks so much for my badge!! 🤩♥️