hermit crab (hermit crab) a strange sea animal

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Hi all!
So today's opportunity is my humble contribution to share about my discovery while I was on vacation to the beach near my village. Hopefully today all of you are enthusiastic about work and don't forget to pray that you are all given health by the creator and all the affairs that are being faced are launched.

when I walk on the beach I always see these animals playing on the beach, I am also interested in them until I take some of them to take home, when I see these animals I remember when I was in elementary school, I I often buy them and keep them in used buckets at my house, even though keeping these animals is quite easy by releasing them in the grassy yard, when I was little I didn't know how to take care of them and the right food for them, if they were released in the yard The grassy ones can live for years, the strange thing is that these animals breathe with gills, but they will die if they stay in the water for a long time, their gills are useful only when they drop eggs in the sea.

this is all I can share with all of you, thank you for the support of all friends who have supported me all this time, I hope you all get a reply from other friends. I @demettree say goodbye to looking for better content than my other content, pray for me to get better content