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Hi all!
So today's opportunity is my humble contribution to share about my discovery while I was on vacation to the beach near my village. Hopefully today all of you are enthusiastic about work and don't forget to pray that you are all given health by the creator and all the affairs that are being faced are launched.

I will share with friends a little about some sea shells that I found when I was on vacation at the beach with my friends, it's no wonder that the shoreline contains some shells that have no contents anymore, because of the nature of their sea and land snails at the same time. their bodies are getting big they will look for new shells to protect their bodies, there are also snails that fight for other snail shells, and when they get a new shell, the old shell will just stay where they get a new shell, when the shell what they leave is still good, the snails that need it will take the shell that was left by the old owner, my question is, who produces the shell that is still in good condition?

this is all I can share with all of you, thank you for the support of all my friends who have supported me all this time, I hope you all get a reply from other friends. I'm @demettree saying goodbye to looking for better content than my other content, pray for me to get better content


I like this! Beautiful seashells are great content

And you're right: without physical health, we have nothing... that truly is something to be grateful for