Hive Stock Images - Olive-backed Sunbird - Nectarinia jugularis

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I love shooting this bird.

i use nikon dslr d7100 and d80 with tamron 150~600mm.





feel free to use it on hive blockchain and dont forget to give credit to me. thanks.


I can imagine a bird like this is quite a challenge to photograph. Does it even stay still for more than a second?!

yes, first time i shoot this bird. i was using 200mm lens and 99% of my shots looks bad. since i am too far and if i try to get closed it will fly away,
After i got my 150~600mm lens, shooting became easier.
Small birds move fast compare to big birds. but there are times it will stay still. patience and luck plays a big role too.

Great pics. I'm into photography myself but on a more amateur level.

thanks, i myself is an amature. :) i learn thru experiance and watching info on youtube.