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What is your first reaction when you're told something is FREE?

I immediately think it's a scam, but not when it comes to the Stock Images Community where you can get REAL free images without watermarks or catches like having to join for one month's free trial.

Humpph...I was caught way back when, as I totally forgot to cancel until I noticed debits coming off my bank account! time you're searching for that special image for your Hive blog, take a peek at Hive Stock Images where you will find some really cool images.

The only cost is that you credit the photographer; not a shabby deal at all, so a big thank you to the team behind this community!

Post-Covid, we'd all forgotten what it's like to celebrate special occasions with family and friends and were just starting to enjoy small gatherings again when we were hit with a new strain that saw our beaches closed down by the government, This, of course, had disastrous repercussions for the tourism industry, but our BnB thankfully survived!

That C-strain turned out to be much kinder than its predecessors so public amenities soon opened up again, and we could once again start celebrating special occasions with our loved ones.

Christmas celebrations

I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my extended family this year. The images below were taken in 2019 when we had our last big celebration for this special day.

Choccies, and Christmas crackers filled with little gifts, sometimes useless items, but nevertheless adding to the festive look, and we all love the bang the cracker makes when playing tug of war with the person sitting next to you ;)


Of course, as children, we really believed that Father Christmas, the friendly white-bearded man in his red suit came to drop off gifts in the middle of the night, so we'd be shooed to bed early, a nice excuse for Mom and Dad to have alone time, and enjoy a glass of spicy mulled wine.


A glass of milk and a couple of cookies would be left on the table to say thank you to Father Christmas.


The children would be awake at daybreak, and chase Mom and Dad out of bed so the gifts underneath the Christmas tree could be handed out.
Everyone soon got wise to that trick, but still pretended otherwise there may be no gifts next year ;)




A quaint Christmas display in our local Botanic Gardens with gingerbread men and Christmas trees.


Food and Celebrations go hand in hand

The tables are always laden with food, always too much, but everyone gets a takeaway container for later on.

Salmon & Prawn Mousse

Cold Meat Platters


Mini Pavlovas looking very festive


Birthday Milestones

My Mom managed to reach the big nine - all of 90 years old last September, and we just had a small birthday celebration with close family.



The Tea Party

Cupcakes are very popular for special celebratory tea parties.

Easter Celebrations

A special Easter Cake filled with miniature Easter Eggs.

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This has been my contribution to this fortnight's Stock Images and Ideas Challenge, Hive to be won
I do hope more Hiveans will support this awesome initiative which is to the benefit of the entire Hive Community, and that you enjoyed this selection of my own images used over the years for my Hive blogs ;)

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Thank you for your awesomeness!



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I love all of your photos.

When I think of free, depending on what type of thing it is, I am mostly suspicious too, since free doesn't mean what it use too in many circumstances like it use too before all the scamming and click baiting. Even when free is legit, I now look at whatever it is from an older eye and try to decide if it would actually be something that would be useful. Real free things are still good.

I have a deep affection for decorated cookies. They are sometimes as much fun to make and see as they are to eat, so naturally that is nearly my favorite.

Our family gatherings, like everyone else's was diminished by covid. Since covid in general will never completely go away now, it is time, not to go back exactly like it was before, but certainly claim some of the most wonderful things back, like family gatherings.

My sister Vicky, who is the oldest sibling turned 70 yesterday. She has grown children and grandchildren fortunately, but one of her son's is in law enforcement and was on duty this weekend, so that part of her family will be celebrating her birthday next weekend when he can attend. That left her actual birthday night open for some of the rest of us to celebrate her and we did. My Mom and I put together a meal and my brother and his wife and another sister and her husband had a great visit. Seven of us in all, so not a huge affair, but it was SO much fun !

I was so thrilled to see the free images when it started a while back. There is ❤️nothing free in this world, right?

Except if you are on Hive!

I have to check it out and see how to donate some to the site. It seems like such a nice way to keep it in the family.

We have always done the poppers, I even send them in Christmas boxes to the little cousins and siblings. They are useless items, but, so much fun!! The delicious food served on these special occasions goes down in history. Someone is always making something memorable. We have several dishes that are a must!

I love your tree and the feeling of Joy just looking at all of your pictures. ❤️ The spirit of Christmas lives within you! xox


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Thank you for your support @bdcommunity xxx

I just read about the challenge!! Thank you, I would never have known!

The food you prepared is delicious, I have never tasted such a luxurious ready-made Christmas meal. It's great how you took the photos also. Anyway, belated happy to you mom she still looks beautiful and still strong 🤗.

These are amazing as always!

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OMgosh. Send location please.

I'm coming knocking.


And your mama ❤️

Arriving online one quickly realizes take your own photographs with little to nothing for free, you have done such quality photography with presenting festivities and food.

Life is good knowing there is somewhere to source photography for free when you really have not got the right picture to tie into a topic.

Thanks for sharing and will take a look at the link you have shared !LUV