Our Neighborly Raccoon

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Today I'll be showing you guys our friendly raccoon and were she lives. She has 3-4 babies that our neighbors found and they're so cute. Yesterday we were feeding her cat food and Doritos, when all the Doritos were gone she stole the bag and started sniffing for more. As you can see shes pretty young to be a mother. She's like a little cub at least to me.


This is when she took the bag from my friend, shes just so cute.


It's just so cool how raccoons use their hands like us to eat and other stuff, and her hands are so small she could only grab a few at a time.


This is a little were she goes, we see her come in and out this area so we're thinking this is where she lives.


We didn't go as far but next time we will, and as you can see we have a little creek down there and maybe a couple of fishes. Well at least that's what my friend says.


My friend said they might make a zip-line here or somewhere close by. The first time we came down here we had to slide down but we found a better way or bridge like path to walk across. I think the bridge was over the creek.


This is where our friends made a little base but our neighborhood bully destroyed it, so we're planing on making our own little base for fun.


This is when we were feeding her Doritos and she kept coming back for more and more. She was pretty ski-dish anytime she would grab a Doritos chip she would go back in the woods then come back when she was done eating it.


This is the cat food she was eating, she even grabbed the cup from my friend's hand. She was pretty tough and a rude little raccoon.


Somewhere down there that's were she lives, I think in one of the trees with her 3-4 babies which we saw one of them. The baby was really scared, but I think our neighbors are gonna take care of them.


Here's a full picture of the raccoon. Even though she's a mother she still looks pretty young. Also there are other raccoons we saw, a big fat one who ran out the trash one night and behind it was a little skinny one.

Well that was all for today,
I hope you enjoy all the raccoon photos and forest ones too!

FYI, all raccoon photos by my mom @crosheille and the rest of them by me.


It was a lot of fun capturing this mama raccoon. You did a good job going down in the woods and capturing those photos with your cell phone. I had no idea how big it was down there.

Nice job sweetie! So proud of you for publishing your second post :D



You're welcome ;)

I agree with you that she is pretty young to be a mother. But she is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing

 6 months ago  

That raccoon really is adorable! My sister is the same way as the raccoon when it comes to Doritos haha. She likes them a lot more than I. There are raccoons that live nearby where we live too, though our parents don't want us to get too close to them because sometimes they can be dangerous... but so is every animal. I still love to watch them and see their adorable faces. 💓

That must have been a lot of fun with the raccoon! Great post @duel-master! 😀

I understand why your parents don't want you to get too close to the raccoons. I was actually afraid to let my kiddos get close to this one until I saw our neighbors feeding it and how it reacted. I have to say this is the most calm and gentle raccoon I've ever seen. Of course she did get a little grouchy once the food was all gone. 😄

 6 months ago  

Haha, yes, but now the raccoon has made nice friends with you.. and the Doritos. 😅 It's still nice to see the mama raccoon in the wild searching for things for her babies. Nice photos @crosheille! 😄

Lol yes very true. She’s actually a pretty cool raccoon. 😊

Thanks for the compliment on the photos ~ 😉

Thanks so much, glad someone else likes raccoons

What a cute raccoon! So fun that you were able to feed her some Doritos! Ha! Her hands are pretty tiny, huh? They grab like a monkey hand it looks like to me! I bet her babies are super cute!

Thanks yeah her hands do remind me of monkey hands, and yes the babies were adorable

This is the first real life raccoon I’ve seen. First time I saw one was in the Movie: Guardians of The Galaxy. The tough raccoon lol. They look pretty cuter and a lot less dangerous in person:)

Great photos too, both of you! It’s a pleasure to meet someone related to @crosheille 🙃

Thank you

My pleasure darling:)

Hahaha I love the raccoon in that movie, he's so hilarious! 😄

Thanks for the photo compliment and commenting on her post ~

Haha maybe your neighborhood raccoon will talk soon enough too if you keep feeding it:)

Let’s hope it’s not as violent as Rocket(Raccoon from Guardians of the galaxy)😂

Oh gosh yes. If it turns into Rocket we won't be feeding it any more. 😅

The pictures of the raccoon are gorgeous. It looks so cute and friendly.

Than you so much

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I like raccoon, it was pretty good work for taking those pictures of raccoons in the wood.
I think I have to follow for more of this kind of post from you.
Keep the good @duel-master

Thanks so much