This Little Guy Is Keeping Me So Busy

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Fantasizing About Sleep... ZZZzzz

So I keep waiting to get used to not sleeping, but it just isn't happening. Now I know why people have kids when they are 20. Haha! I am so damn exhausted! This kid is lucky that I love him so much.


I can't even tell if it's day or night sometimes anymore. Thank God that I work from home! I don't know what I'd do if I had to do this, and go to an office or workplace every day.

Hmmmm.... Should I cry now, or just chill. Yeah, let's go ahead and cry.

He's a funny little guy. He sits there with a moody looking face for about 5 minutes, then lets out a really loud scream, then instantaneously stops crying and smiles. Don't ask me what happened. I think he must be pushing out a painful fart or something. I think it's hilarious how quickly he can switch moods.

Look at poor mama in the background. That face says it all!

Yay! Everyone is awake! Joy!

He seems to revel in everyone being delirious. That's when he smiles the most! It is impossible to be mad at the little guy though. I actually can't wait until he's able to actually interact with us a bit better - other than just demanding food, to be held, or having his shitty diaper changed. Ah, life!

I keep thinking about how someday he'll come storming in and say:

I hate you dad! You don't care about me!

That's when I'm going to bust out with the detailed record that I've been keeping of these early weeks and months to come. This is an interesting time in history, in that we're able to so easily video, record and document everything that happens. As long as it doesn't interfere too much with the experience itself, that is.


For now, I'll just continue to enjoy him being so tiny and cute and get the sleep as it comes. Right now, as I write this, he's snoozing away listening to Bach on Alexa. Fingers crossed he comes out as a musical genius! Time for me to hone my piano skills in preparation....


No TV needed in the @nuthman residence... :-)

Hehe true.. besides, who has time for it with this little munchkin?

How is Amanda doing Sir @nuthman? She seems weak still. Anyway I hope that little Ricky will also get that same talent like both of you with art :D

She is doing well, just tired like me. She is healing up nicely! We have both been pale as ghosts for about two weeks from sleep deprivation. Finally starting to get some color back in our skins..

OK Sir @nuthman I know how you both feel because often when the baby is up you sometimes are asleep and vise versa so it is really stressful but rewarding when you see the face of the baby especially when they smile :D

Awesome post. I don't have much else to say about it besides the fact of who is the one a-hole that downvoted this post. That is pretty rotten when someone is sharing something that is obviously very special and personal to them. I think I may have just found a new purpose in life....

That flagger seems to flag the entire hive community. Luckily they have no stake.

I don't think they even look at posts. Oh well. What can you do?

Yeah, you can't even retaliate because they aren't posting!

yeah, I think it's someone who just created an account and put tons of people on auto flag.

How cute. He is such a fine boy.

I practically raised my four siblings with my mum so I understand what you are feeling right now and it is one of my biggest fear becoming a parent. The sleepless nights; the irrational demand for things they don't even understand. Lol I don't want to be you right now. Enjoy the torment

Haha yeah man it is really rough right now. I feel sick from sleep depravation. I love him to death but I feel so shitty...

Great little guy :)
I'm weeks away from having one.

No sleep you say :)

Wow, congrats bro. Get in as much sleep now as you can, is all I can say.

My father says it was the same with me till almost 2 years old.😞

What a cute baby...Yeah it is a bit good to have a baby in a young age...I had my daughter when I was 36 years old.And it is really hard to keep her up...Now she is 16 months years old she is an energy bomb...Now it is the easy times...The bigger they get the bigger problems you will face..But as you say..Their smiling vanishes every other tiring stuff that we have to do...

Have a nice day my friend...

haha. This little angel is very lucky to be with you. I have a little girl, she is one and a half years old now. I think of times when your baby was as small ... and I had sleepless nights to grow a little. And I thought I could collect my energy when I slept more. oh. no. I'm tired now than ever. I think looking after a child needs divine power. they have energies that will never end. and I wish you success on this path. I send love to your beautiful profession. :)♥️

Hey junior nuthman very nice to meet you.

Your hair are amazing and those funny pictures of him too .
She does look exhausted but hey life is goooood 😆
To little Ricky ♥️ At 20 it is not as cool 😉

A grate Dad and a beautiful baby