MonsterMarket Is Moving To Hive


Greetings Splinterlands Warriors! I am sure you all already know Splinterlands is moving to Hive on Monday, June 1st, 2020. They have also given us more information on the migration and what to expect from it here, which will happen between 9-10 AM ET.

MonsterMarket and its associated services are moving to Hive on June 1st, 2020!

What are changing?


After we move you'll need to log in using Hive Keychain (download links are below) to make purchases on the website. At the start, we will only support DEC and CREDITS for cards and booster packs purchase. Later we would add a few more currencies.

You can purchase CREDITS using HIVE, HBD, STEEM, and SBD. We are developing a solution to enable DEC purchase using HIVE and SBD directly from us without going through the Hive-Engine route.

Hive Keychain


We will send DEC cashbacks to Hive-Engine instead of Steem-Engine.


We sell cheaper UNTAMEDs and ORBs from MonsterMarket Shop which is also moving to Hive and Hive-Engine. So, your DEC should be in Hive-Engine to purchase packs from us, we will also transfer packs to Hive-Engine instead of sending them to Steem-Engine.


MonsterMarket TeamShare is also moving to Hive. So, from June 1st, all DEC transfers to players and owners will be done using Hive-Engine. TeamShare backend will only listen to and broadcast TeamShare specific operations only on Hive Blockchain.

If you are a player, please do not claim rewards while we are in the process of moving.

Other Tools

All our tools are also updated. We have removed STEEM and SBD from Analyze Openings and Cost Estimator tool. Later we will add HIVE and SBD price information from external sources.

Rewards analyzer tools would also show tournaments you have participated but not won a prize which was requested by @flauwy.

These were all the major changes. if you want to check out the changes before we move you can find the new website at DO NOT MAKE PURCHASES, THEY WON'T GO THROUGH.

What if there is a problem?

In case of any problem and bugs, please reach out to us in our Discord. Also, feel free to DM me reazuliqbal#1149.


awesome! the best decision!

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Good luck! I hope the transition goes smoothly for you!

Thank you. :)

Nice post. I've been playing splinterlands since the beginning and somehow I never heard of monstermarket!

I really enjoy the splinterlands tools, in particular the one you use to analyze the DEC the account has earned. This is awesome!

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Better late than never! 😉

Thanks for checking out the tools.

I'm actually just hearing about you guys and I feel silly because it seems you're quite the big deal. Do you also rent cards?

We are in the Splinterlands related business for close to 2 years now. We do not rent cards, yet!

Okay. I'll be checking you out now.

Great achievements and a proper management to the HIVE transition. I am counting the hours and minutes until this will be done.

Sincerly this gives me thrill as the SpaceX launch from yesterday!

We are also very excited to mover to Hive!