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RE: Should Etiquette Play A Part on Hive?

in The CTP Swarm11 months ago

I completely understand what you're saying on the tipping back and forth business. This is something that some of the tip token creators have talked about and are concerned with. Frankly, it's a problem. I feel it's definitely okay to give a token back and forth. I do it. The number 1 thing to me on tipping tokens is that there is a real, authentic, genuine comment along with the tip command...a comment that truly engages with the topic of the post or with the person.

One other thing just so you know, and this is very ironic considering this post's topic, LUV and HBIT only allow for 3-or-fewer ! commands, otherwise, they're skipped. I believe that LOLZ does the same and that BEER allows for one, though I'm not 100% sure on this. The 3-or-fewer rule was implemented to try and cut down on multiple command copy/paste farming and possible spam. Just letting you know (your LUV and HBIT didn't go through because there were four here.) No problem, just letting you know. :)


Wow, that's good info to know. I've done several articles on tipping tokens but never came across that little tidbit. Now I have to get with each tokens creator and see if they have that rule as well. I feel a little research & article coming on.

Thanks for the info.