How has the CTP community grown during the last year

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A week ago, I was trying to check my progress on Hive through time. One of the resources I was using to do that, was the rankings of the CTP community that we used to make within the CTPSB project. I thought it might be interesting to see how all the people in this ranking have developed over time.

How has the CTP community evolved since July 2021?

The last ranking of the CTP community was done 7th of July 2021. At that time, we made these rankings to see how the community was growing through time. The ranking was mainly looking at the Hive Power of the people who were actively posting in the CTP community.

Today, I checked each of the accounts that was in the ranking in July 2021 and I wrote down their Hive Power of today. I then checked the growth that has been accomplished in the 488 days between both rankings. I then calculated the increase in terms of Hive Power and also the growth compared to the starting point. I then also narrowed it down to calculate the growth in percent for 1 year.

That's the ranking we get:

Hive UserHP 07.07.2021HP 07.11.2022Increase in HPGrowth in %Yearly growth in %Rank

Not everybody has grown in the last year, some people sold their stake

It's interesting to see that among the 72 people in this ranking, 16 people actually have less Hive Power now that they had in July 2021. About 6 people sold almost their complete stake!

The last years have been difficult with the pandemic, the war and all the other stupid things happening and everybody has to deal with the situation how he can. Therefore, I'm not really surprised that some people turned their back to hive and sold part of their stake.

The people who are active every day have the nicest growth rates!

It's really interesting to look at the ranking and see how the different people have progressed in the last 488 days. In general, it seems that people who are very active on a regular basis made the most noticeable progress. Which is not really surprising.

Out of 72, 20 people have actually doubled their HP in this time frame!

This shows that being active and not giving up, is really paying in the long run!

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It is interesting to see the report! This is the time to build and grow. The next bull market will be way more exciting! Until then, Hive On!

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It's in the bear market that you build your fortune! Totally agree with that :-)

Those people are probably done with HIVE or saw better investment opportunities elsewhere. And some probably just needed a small amount for bills, or whatever. It happens.
The stats thought-provoking though.


People have different needs and issues. It's normal that not everybody continues this path. But there are also new people joining the fun :-)

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This is interesting information. Building for the long term is fun and I am doing the same.

The long term isn't that appealing at first sight but that's what makes the difference !

Great info to see! It is amazing to see compounding in action!

Some people had definitely an amazing progression during the last year!

i had a small increase! although slow but still up! it's also sad to see people selling all their Hive and it's also sadder when you had interacted with those people in here, i am curious what led them to making a decision like that

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Yes it's kind of sad to see people leave hive. I mean it's totally normal to make breaks and come back later but selling all the stake is a kind of final goodbye...

Wow thank you so much for this :) it's good to see my progress. 🎉🎉
Stay !ALIVE and be well!
!LUV for the group
Celebrate & enjoy !PIZZA

Of course this shows only the progress people made in Hive. Some people invested more in tribe tokens :-)

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I may not hold alot of CTP tokens but what I have I keep.I have 10 + in my listnerds and 17+ in my Ecency wallet. I may not blog all the time but I spend my time commenting.I do show up everyday.Just my 2 cents

It's always good to be active :-)

... and not to forget the ones starting during this last year :)

In the past year we had indeed quite a lot of new promising players joining the game :-)

I was trying to diversify my investments but ended up losing a majority of it. Lesson learned is stick to what has worked and hive works !LOL

I totally agree with this statement lol

Why does a Moon rock taste better than an Earth rock?
It's a little meteor

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Wow! I always surprise myself by making lists like this... I always feel like I've squandered my time procrastinating and not getting enough content out, but this shows that even actively curating and occasional engagement can have pretty amazing results! Thanks for sharing this.


We don't need to be active and post every day. It's enough not to forget curating and writing some comments from time to time and we still progress nicely!

Thank you for this great report! This is very motivating to see! Yes, I guess everybody has to deal with life according to their own circumstances, it's understandable. Wherever we can build though, let's build! But as you say, it's not going to happen without showing up!

Being consistent and not giving up even after some down time is in my opinion the recipe for success on Hive :-)

I fully agree with you👍!

I wasn't part of the rankings then but it's nice to see so many of them double their HP. It just shows how people just need to show up every single day and be active to succeed.

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I totally agree, it's definitely the people that are showing up on a regular basis that made the nicest progress

It's interesting to see that my posting account grew despite the fact that I continuously power it down and move the stake to another account.

I saw that your posting account had a nice delegation incoming ;-)

Yep, that's from my staking account.

 3 months ago  

Very interesting to see this...I'm way down LOL

But haven't sold a single CTP token since day one. I'm slightly bullish on it...Not that I'm not bullish on Hive, but that whole life thing keeps happening lol


I'm way down LOL

When life requires it, it's when we actually need to use this stake :-). We can always rebuild later ! You will be back at old levels before you know it ;-)


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