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Every week when it's time to distribute the dividends to the delegators, it's a bit my popcorn time. I'm very excited to see whether we have beaten the record of the previous week and this week I was a bit disappointed because we were very far from our records.

I could distribute less dividends in terms of CTP tokens. However as soon as I had started to payout the dividends 346 CTP tokens were credited to the account. Since I had already started the payouts I couldn't include that into this weeks dividends. Needless to say that next weeks dividends are going to rock :-).

Few CTP tokens distributed but almost record level of APR

Even though the number of CTP tokens distributed was lower than usual, because of the high CTP price, the APR for this week was record high. So what do I complain about :-)

Token value increasing faster and faster

Every week I'm surprised to see that the token value increases even faster than the week before. We are at a all time high APR at the moment.

You will find all the detailed numbers in the video

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 2 months ago 

So, the next week the big cake is coming, paid in dividends? :)

Btw... I like what you have pointed out at the end of the video... to not forget that the CTPSB is hosted on HIVE, and if people want to get more dividends and revenue from it, they should create HERE, and contribute to this social media network...

It's too easy to get distracted with so much noise (pun intended) out there...


So, the next week the big cake is coming, paid in dividends? :)

Next week might be fun for delegators :-). But of course also for all the other token holders.

Man these platforms are fun to discover but we shouldn't forget that Hive is our core business. First time in a long period that @ctpsb reached 100% voting power...

Have a nice Sunday my friend!

 2 months ago 

I get excited burning these dividends you send every week LOL

393 was what I was given, ended up just sending 400 to null.

Win. Win. Win.

That's great man. Some of my new friends on noise have just pushed CTP into the skies LOL

Hive-Engine rewards are credited every 23 Hrs, so it does happen once a while. Not a big deal as we will get it next time.

Exactly, what wasn't distributed this week, will simply be given next week.

Its great to see the project prosper. Hope it continues and you won't have to sit eating popcorn but sit and eat steak and lobster.

That would be a nice way to see the future LOL. Thanks for your comment :-)

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