Exchange Your Surfing Earnings Into CTP Tokens At Crypto Traffic 4u!

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Members can now exchange on-site cash earnings into CTP Tokens!

Crypto Traffic 4u members have a non withdraw-able account where any cash earned on the site can be used for making purchases of credits or upgrades and this online cash account is a separate account from the referral commissions account which we pay out to our members....


But now we have decided to include a withdraw-able option for the earnings account and this is going to be our CTP Token exchange!

Basically we will now pay you CTP tokens for surfing and earning onsite at CT4u.

For every $1.00 earned on the cash account that can be used to either make $1.00 purchase on site or now they can request to exchange each cash account $1.00 they hold into 50 CTP Tokens.


You can earn to your onsite cash account by surfing into the top 5 places each day and we have make a huge increase on what members will receive for achieving this.

Below is what you could be earning every day surfing into the top 5 places at Crypto Traffic u4

1st Surfer $0.50
2nd Surfer $0.25
3rd Surfer $0.15
4th Surfer $0.10
5th Surfer $0.05

We will also paying out cash account prizes for our top 3 Surf Teams every week! Every member of each team will win the following prize for finishing in the top 3 team surf places!

1st Team - $0.10
2nd Team - $0.05
3rd Team - $0.03

This is just the beginning and as we move forward we will be adding more and more earning options which will allow you to earn even more account cash which you will be able to trade into real crypto tokens!

Login to the members area and checkout the "Cash Account" menu for more details!

10% Beneficiaries to @CTPSB

 2 years ago  

Just unbelievable!! This shows HUGE vision and leadership man...So awesome to see!

Oh nice one jon, Am glad you like it and thanks for the support. I'm a real believer of the potential :)

A very positive development.

Amazing project! So nice to see such use cases for the CTP token!

P.S: I greatly appreciate the beneficiary rewards settings ;-)


No problem at all!! @CTPSB is a fantastic project :) Thanks

This is absolutely brilliant man!

Going to send an email about it right now!

Oh nice one, thanks so much!! and am so happy you like the idea :)

Thanks for the update. This is great news. I think it will be a great motivator for members to surf more and recruit more members

Awesome sauce, Daniel! :)

Will you be implementing this on too?

I wish you great success with this new innovation, Lee :)

Thanks Lee, That's also a great idea. I will keep that in mind for the right time ;)

I'll be looking forward to it then! 😉

Nice one Daniel. I like the idea.

Fantastic am glad you like the idea. Thanks :)

wow I love this.Thanks for doing this.

No problem Sheila, Glad you like it! Thanks :)

 2 years ago  

Wow! That's a great option for surfers! TE and Exchange? :) Nice move!
Good luck!

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Oh thats superb thanks so much for the inclusion! I'm glad you like the idea :)

 2 years ago  

Excellent job Daniel , big thumbs up :)

Thanks Russell. Its fantastic to hear that you like it :)

Great this is amazing
Very good move

Great to hear you like it and thanks for the Beer too ;)

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Great job and I am loving it myself! Keep up the good work!!

Thank you @casto1
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Great idea... That's awesome