We can afford to be ourselves because that is what we have and what God blesses!


It's something that happens all my life in touching times. Through the great anniversaries, in the transitions of life, in situations of colossal change, we are all periodically given reason for reluctant reflection. And when it comes to it, reflection makes us look carefully at identity; the actual material on which we are building.

Self-crisis inevitably leads us to engage with ourselves in our identity.

This challenge to our identity eliminates the layers of veneer that protect us from reality, and suddenly there is an exposed core, and we are extremely vulnerable to the elements of our existence. I'm raw. I have to fight. I have to find peace, but only through identity.

During these seasons comes an immense doubt, and excursions into despair are just a distant sincere thought, petrifying as it is. But what seems like a tragedy has an eternal impulse.

What is shameful, let alone panic, is not something we always choose for ourselves. But transformation invites us.

The truth, however, is that transformation takes place only in states of spirituality, where our comfort is withdrawn. It's something we should remember when the door closes in our hope.

The door of hope closes when a crisis arrives, which finally opens the door of hope again.

Crises are not the end of what we value, they are opening up at the beginning of a new cause.

What is below is both a serious crisis and an important opportunity. We need to start falling before we feel we need to be more timely. It is only after we have managed to fight the enemy, which is our unknown self, and we have brought with us reasons to focus on the conflict, that we see the purpose of self-discrimination.

Identity is always a mystery. It's not that easy. Anyone who makes the complex easy to ask about their form problem. We can't afford to be clichés about identity.

We are all tempted to put our identity into how we get involved, how we please people, what we have, even the power we wield. We make idols of what builds our identity. It's never as easy as pretending to have.

From that day on, we must recognize that we never do; that life is just a course to become. Accept this and we will discover more peace immediately. Let's abandon the perfectionist facade that resonates with many of us.

We can afford to be ourselves because that is what we have and what God blesses. God cannot bless the violation of character or the prevention of behavior. But he loves it when we're ourselves, without pretending to be someone else.

Being ourselves is a constant challenge, and we must admit it.


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